From Bulgaria to Surrey

Learn about life at Surrey from a current Bulgarian student.

Shout out to all the sport lovers!

Hey guys!

Today I want to give a shout out to all the sport lovers! Personally, I don`t like the gym and I`m not a big fan of sports apart from dancing which isn`t really in the same category, is it? But I admire you, guys, for the efforts and perseverance you always have!!! That`s why I will give you some information about the Sports Park so that you can add this to your future plans in Surrey.

Surrey Sports Park is a pretty young one and has opened in 2010, but this didn’t stop it from becoming one of Europe`s premier sites for sport, health, well-being and leisure. It has also hosted some famous events such as Rugby World Cup 2010 and Paralympics GB Sports fest. Moreover, every Wednesday there are matches in the sport halls or outside, where all the sports clubs from university play, so you have the chance to see them usually for free!

More than 140 societies and clubs to join..

Hey there!

It`s almost spring in Surrey unlike Bulgaria where it is snowing AGAIN, but I bet you are enjoying your cold snowy days.

Today I`ll be telling you about societies and clubs – how they work, how you can sign up, how you can set up one and how you can take a role in the teams.

First, Surrey is known to put a lot of emphasis on the social life of students and always care about how you spend your free time at university. The student union offers more than 140 societies based on any hobbies and interests students have and clubs for all kinds of sport that a student might want to take up. When I came to Surrey, I didn`t even know what the word society in this sense stands for, so after the event I mentioned in my previous posts – Freshers` fayre I learned more about them. I will gladly share all this knowledge with you to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming days at Surrey!

Exploring England – York edition

Hello everyone!

It`s been awhile, but I have a good reason – I made a short trip to one of the most beautiful cities in England – York. So, I`m going to tell you about this wonderful trip and how I organized it. I also added few pictures in the end from different places in York.

One of the cool things about being in England is that you can always find deals for train tickets, flights, clothing shops and many more. This one specifically was for Virgin Trains and I bought a return ticket for 10 pounds for a 2 hour journey from London to York, instead of long hours on the bus or very expensive train tickets.

Learning a foreign language at Surrey

Hi everyone!

Today I`ll be blogging about a wonderful opportunity at Surrey – Global Graduate Award and the details regarding this program.

When I came to Surrey, I wasn`t really aware of ALL the things you can do in here. That was one of the reasons why I wasn`t able to enrol for the Global Graduate Award. But let me tell you what it is first. GGA or Global Graduate Award is a program in which you study one foreign language along with your degree, for no cost at all, but which appears on your transcript as an extra module, meaning it counts towards your degree. This, of course, is a benefit for you, since you will be able to enhance your employability by studying one more language as well as show the proof for it!

It is also a lot of fun here…

Hello again!

I bet you are all enjoying the snow in Bulgaria and even some of you probably went skiing in the mountains, which I envy you so much for! And here I am in the middle of my exam period having my short breaks either on campus or in Guildford…

Therefore, I want to tell you guys about our small and cosy city, called Guildford. It is a student city, which makes it kind of welcoming to freshers coming for a first time to university. People call it `the small London`, which on one hand could be bad since it could seem at first a bit pricy, but on the other hand it has nice places to eat and drink. So, basically you get some sort of value for money while living in Guildford!

Exams are coming up!

Hello to everyone!

Unfortunately, this time I`ll be blogging about a topic which I`m sure no one enjoys reading, but I will have to cover this, too. Since it`s exam period for me now, I will try to give you an idea of what it is to be at this time here at university.

First things first, stress is an inevitable part of every exam period. I`m sure most of you know how to deal with it, but for those of you who are struggling, there are services on campus which provide you with support. You can either talk to someone, which helps sometimes, and you can get any kind of stress relief medication or even, in worse cases, extend the deadline of your assignment or change date or time of your exam. You shouldn`t rely on this in any case, but it`s always good to know someone`s got your back, right?

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