From Bulgaria to Surrey

Learn about life at Surrey from a current Bulgarian student.

The end of my degree

Here it is… one of my last blogs. I just finished my exams, which was very very exhausting, I`m not going to lie. Managed to send my parcels of stuff piling up for 3 years in my room and donated a big bag of clothes, bags and shoes – that was exhausting, too. So, this feels […]

Dog Therapy

Hey there and congratulations to the end of one big chapter of your life! As you are about to open a brand new page, I will move your attention to another cute topic – dogs, or how they can help you through exams at Surrey. Every semester, by the end of it, the Students Union […]

Kitty Cafe in London

Hey guys! As the end of my degree at Surrey is nearly approaching, I am getting nostalgic about all the cool places I have visited in London and all the ones I still haven’t seen! Therefore, this reminds me of a cute memory I had there… I`m going to warn you now! If you`re not a […]

Semesters and Holidays

Hey there! Happy High School Graduation to all school leavers! I hope you`re all ready for 24th May and I suppose most of you made up their minds about which university they should go to! In case you chose Surrey, I will give you now some information about the time schedule of the university so […]

!Accommodation after your first year!

Hello everyone! I`m back on track with blogs after a long break with a lot of studying, unfortunately… Hope you`re all getting ready for your state exams and you already made your choices about universities (Surrey as one of your choices, hopefully). Today I`ll be blogging about a very important topic – accommodation after first […]

Children of the World

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you`re enjoying your free time until exams come! Today I want to share with you one of the main reasons why I feel so happy to be at Surrey. Since I went abroad to study I had the chance to meet people from various countries and with extremely interesting backgrounds. […]

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