Children's Nursing at Surrey

Documenting the experiences of the Children's Nursing students at Surrey

Budgeting/Saving as a Student Nurse

Budgeting and saving money whilst being a student can feel near to impossible and we as student nurses have the added pressure of course costs such as placement travel, new uniform, replacement badges, parking etc. During one of my 7 week placements the cost of travel racked up to a whopping £700 and with food […]

Our Nursing Society at Surrey

#Hellomynameis Christine, and I’m a 1st year children’s nursing student, and the newly elected president of NURSOC (Nursing society). I have been invited to write this blog to inform you all about the society in case you haven’t heard. The society went dormant approximately 2 years ago and was started back up again in September […]

Our Placements at GOSH

We all have a mixed review about placements and some wards, units, staff, settings we come across can be so educational and have such a positive impact on our learning. This is when the staff on the ward notice you and are thankful for you, they recognise your hard work and your love for nursing. […]

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