Children's Nursing at Surrey

Documenting the experiences of the Children's Nursing students at Surrey

Thanks for the feedback…but now what?

#HellomynameisSarah and I’m a Teaching Fellow in Child Health Nursing at the University of Surrey. I’ve been nursing for a little over 20 years now and I’ve received a fair amount of clinical and academic feedback in that time – some if it very helpful and some of it…well, not so much!  So, what makes good feedback and how […]

So why nursing?

I remember when I was a child the one thing I wished was that I had the same colour eyes (Fun fact: one’s blue and the other is green!). I’ve wished I was a little smarter and even a little shorter sometimes, but one thing I wish now is that I’d have just one answer […]

S.E.L.F Care

Hello my name is Deborah. I am a second year student studying Children’s Nursing. I have just finished my first 7 weeks of placement for this year and I have learned so much; not just about nursing but about myself and the safety measures I need to put in place if I am ever going […]

Thinking of an elective placement abroad?

Personal experience –  I always wanted to experience healthcare in a different country and it definitely lived up to its expectations. Be organised! Choose your destination wisely. I was volunteering in a day clinic for children in South Africa. The clinic was funded by the government so healthcare was paid for those who could not […]

Elective Placement in Mexico

The Elective Placement is spoken about a lot at Surrey, used as a selling point and explained in detail to prospective students at open days. Well It should be. Those sun filled 4 weeks I spent in Mexico this summer will honestly be remembered as one of the most crucial, pivotal and interesting points in […]

Elective Placement in the UK

The elective placement is what everyone sorts of dreads when they first get told about it because they have to sort it all out independently… ps it’s not that bad.  Many people have had the amazing opportunity to do their Elective placement all around the world, such as Bali, Cambodia, South Africa, Mexico etc. Seeing […]

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