Children's Nursing at Surrey

Documenting the experiences of the Children's Nursing students at Surrey

The best mistakes to make…

It’s a Wednesday morning, and I’m on shift on a busy general paediatric ward. My patient is a four year old boy with viral induced wheeze. His anxious mother looks suspiciously like one of the tutors at University, and she keeps wandering off to chat to the other parents and make phone calls, but it’s […]

The Top 5 Things I’ve Learnt Through My First Semester At Uni!

#HellomynameisChlӧe and I am a first year child’s nursing student about to finish my first semester (scary, right?). Throughout my first semester at uni there have been challenges, new experiences, and a lot of fun times throughout freshers which have led me to some new friends and amazing societies. People aren’t lying, unfortunately, when they […]

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

As human beings, we often fail to give ourselves credit for the good we do and achievements we make, but as nurses I think this is something we can struggle with even more. You observed your patient working harder with their breathing, so bleeped the doctor who rushed them to the stabilisation room for rapid IV […]

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