Dancing the Invisible – Late Work

Dancing the third age – Researching mature dance

November 15th- Rehearsing for Roehampton

Jennifer and I rehearse together at the Siobhan Davies Studios.  No music, no videos to consult, and no shoes in the quiet and spacious rooftop studio, just ourselves.  Would be an interesting space in which to present the piece.  On Wednesday Jennifer had done two presentations on the project as part of Surrey University Research Week, and felt energised by the positive response to it from students interested in the ideas.  Someone had commented that what we are doing is “radical” -– that felt good!

older practitioners exploring new pathways

This is an interesting moment in our journey of Dancing the Invisible. As Susie and I commented at our July meeting – although we delivered the (first) performance element in May, the project research is far from over.  Keen to develop knowledge, experience and skills in improvisation I’ve just participated in ContactFestivalDartington …

Dancing the Invisible – Nicholas Minns’ review

A chance meeting with fellow dance practitioner Nicholas Minns the other weekend revealed that not only had he seen our performance at the Ivy Arts Centre in May, but that he had written about it.  Nicholas began his blog Writing about dance in the spring to provide a space to write at greater length in response to current performances and events.  As well as offering critical evaluation, his detailed description aims to capture the fleeting and ephemeral and bring it to life for those who could not witness it live.  Nicholas’ full account of Dancing the Invisible – Late Work at the Ivy Arts Centre can be found here:



posting together

Susie and Jennifer in Late Work






Hot afternoon in July – but we’ve been in the dark … viewing the performance footage and the first rough edit.

Leading up to performance required an intensity of focus – other things have intervened since then. So we come at this with some distance.

We have another performance of Late Work in November so process of refining begins…One of our strategies is to resume regular blogging – to both reflect and look forward.