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Organising a Symposium (or, Having and Idea and Running with It)

I transferred my PhD to the University of Surrey part way through my second year, having previously been (quite literally) a “remote” student at the University of Exeter, based at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Lampeter. Whilst still in Wales, I had begun to plan a symposium, not realising then that I […]

New Writers Festival photos

The first annual Surrey New Writers Festival attracted great audiences; the performances and panel discussions resulted in many engaging conversations about writing and publishing. Here are a few photos from the two-day Festival! Day 1, University of Surrey Campus     Day 2, Abbot’s Hospital      

English Literature and Science Journalism

Before university, and even before choosing my A-Levels, I faced a dilemma I’m sure I wasn’t alone in: science or literature? Of course, the choice was made based on my grades which were in favour of literature, and so here I am, studying English Literature at the University of Surrey. While I wouldn’t change my […]

Surrey English and Schools: Applicant Days and Teacher Networking Evening

Our Applicant Days in February and March went incredibly well – we actually saw almost double the number of applicants and their parents than we anticipated! Of course, we hope that the more students who come to see us, the more will place us as their firm choice and we are already starting to see […]

Shakespeare and Contemporary Theory podcast

Over the past few months, I’ve had lots of interesting conversations with all sorts of clever folk from around the world. I wanted to share with you the first 11 episodes: If  you are at all interested in the current debates surrounding literary theory and ways of approaching and thinking about literature, then I’d […]

Surrey New Writers Festival: Book Club

Join us during the Surrey New Writers Festival for the first meeting of the new Surrey Book Club! The Club will post regularly on this blog and function as a sort of virtual reading guide/community for anyone interested in reading along with us. We’ll cover a wide range of engaging literature; we might choose an […]

Why the Middle Ages Matter: Women Bishops, Gay Marriage, and Richard III.

After studying medieval literature and history for almost 30 years, I have got used to the question, ‘what is the point of studying the Middle Ages?’ It is a question that has been asked by students, fellow academics, concerned family members, and even by politicians. Finally, in 2013, I have found some answers in the […]

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