Final year – joining new clubs and societies

Hi everyone!

I am back in Guildford and officially survived the first two weeks of my final year of university. Although it takes some time to get used to being “only” a student again after working for a year, it is great to be back! I love being able do dive into my favorite activities on campus again, such as playing squash, going to gym classes and meeting up with the photographic society.

However, as this is my final year at Surrey I really want to make the most of all the opportunities on campus, which is why I gave a few other societies and clubs a try. Here are three interesting societies and clubs I’ve joined this year.

1.Surrey Tennis Club

I’ve wanted to join Tennis for quite some time now, so this year I booked a 5-week Tennis course taught by this year’s committee. The sessions are on Sundays, just before the normal social sessions, so they’re easy to fit into your schedule and an excellent opportunity to learn the basics

2.Salsa and Bachata Society

In my second year I heard so many positive things about this society, as a good friend of mine was on the committee. However, as it was already the middle of the year, I thought it was too late to join, as I was convinced everyone would master these dances already (which is nonsense, you can always join new societies and sports clubs during the year). So this year I went to their taster session and really enjoyed it! They offer professionally taught Salsa classes on Tuesdays (which are only £4 per session with the £15 annual membership) and free Friday night Bachata classes taught by the committee members!

3.Debating Society

Being dragged along by a friend, I also came into contact with the debating society at Surrey. This is a really cool society which teaches you the basics of a good debate and let’s you practice with interesting and relevant topics. It’s definitely worth to give it a try!

This was just a brief insight into the broad variety of things you can do at Surrey.

Hope you have a wonderful day!