Surrey meets Germany

Learn about life at Surrey from a current student from Germany

Summer in Munich

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing summer! Since I finished my placement at the beginning of June and the semester did not start until October, I got to spend nearly 4 months back in Munich and travelling. I absolutely love my hometown and thought I could tell you about some of the highlights […]

Placement – Personal Review

Hi everyone, Three months have passed since I last published a blog post – in the meantime I finished my 11-month placement in Dublin and am back in sunny Munich! I can imagine that there are many of you who don’t know whether to do a placement or not, especially because it does not really […]

Galway and Connemara

A few months ago I went on a weekend trip to Galway and the national park Connemara with my sister – and it’s definitely my favourite part of Ireland so far, so I wanted to share it with you! Getting around Ireland is pretty easy, as there are several bus companies (Aircoach, GoBus, Citylink) which take you […]

Snowstorm in Dublin

Hi everyone! It’s Thursday and normally I would be in a group meeting, but our lab is closed for two days because of an anticipated snowstorm. As Germany and the UK/Ireland are so completely different when it comes to dealing with snow in winter, I thought I would share my experience with you. Coming from the South of […]

My placement at TCD

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about my placement at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). I work in an academic research group, which is part of the university. Our building, the Trinity Biomedical Science Institute, is just next to the main campus in the centre of Dublin. This is really convenient as it makes exploring the city […]

Hikes around Howth

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season! I went back to Munich for two weeks over Christmas and met up with loads of friends, went skiing and had far too many Plätzchen (German Christmas cookies). Now that I’m back in Ireland, I thought I could write a bit about some of the amazing places […]

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