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  • Foreign policy as culturally embedded discourse

    In this short blog post I attempt to sketch out what I mean by the term ‘foreign policy as culturally embedded discourse‘, as well as what this conceptualisation might mean for the study of International Relations. Unfortunately, discourse and culture are two of the most complicated words in the social sciences and, perhaps, the English language. Moreover, the nature of ‘embeddedness’ requires careful unpacking.

    -       Discourses form when and where meaning is produced in a relatively systematic way. This may be, and often is, linguistic. But can, and usually does, include other things: images, buildings, body language, films, music, video games, books etc. Through dominant discourses ideas are shared, such that they might become an intersubjective background (perhaps tacit) knowledge upon which other decisions are made and actions take place, including the formulation of foreign policy. Foreign policy discourse, specifically, is the way in which the world is actively mapped out – spatialised – such that friends and enemies, safety and danger, risk and opportunity are given geographic address.

  • Alumni giving makes a real difference to Surrey students

    Julia Kazana thought she would have to give up her studies, when the Student Hardship Fund offered her a lifeline. A doctoral researcher in sociology, Julia reached a point when she had no money to pay her rent or bills because her bank would not advance a student loan or give her an overdraft. The grant Julia received relieved the mounting pressure and enabled her to get back on track. She said:

    “The Student Support Services were there to help during this very tough moment. I will keep wrestling, exactly as before, until I complete my studies, but this vital support has made me realise that I am not alone.” 

  • Matt Turner’s paper on vorticity staircases appears in Physics of Fluids

    kbmoveMatt Turner‘s paper “Temporal evolution of vorticity staircases in randomly strained two-dimensional vortices” has been accepted for publication in Physics of Fluids.  In the paper, the evolution of a Gaussian vortex subject to a weak-external-random n-fold multipolar strain field is examined using fully nonlinear simulations. The simulations show that at large Reynolds numbers, fine scale steps form at the periphery of the vortex, before merging, generally leaving one large step, which acts as a barrier between the vorticity within the coherent core and the surrounding, well mixed, “surf zone.”  The published version of the paper is available here.

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile

    LinkedIn is the largest professional network, offering fantastic opportunities to connect with industry professionals in your field. There are 322 million professionals on LinkedIn spanning across over 200 countries and territories.

    LinkedIn provides you with a professional profile, not unlike an online CV. However, this is not the only feature LinkedIn offers. You can connect with individuals you’ve worked with, join groups of like-minded individuals and network, share your expertise with LinkedIn blog posts and keep up with latest industry developments.

    LinkedIn isn’t just for when you’re job-hunting…

    Profile optimisation

    1)      Customise your profile URL

  • 大学排名


    首先,泰晤士报2015年萨里的最新总体排名是11名,专业排名如下:酒店旅游管理专业排名第一,电子和电子工程排名第二, 社会学排名第四,会计和金融,生物科学,土木工程排名第七,经济和心理也都排名前十哦。这里有这么多好的专业供大家选择。


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