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  • Christmas Dinner!

    Can’t believe we’ve come to the end of the first semester. How did time go by so fast?! I still remember moving in and now Christmas is already in the air. Not that i’m complaining though, I mean I get to eat to my heart’s content :D With that being said let me fill you in on how my Christmas dinner yesterday went. I spent the evening dinning with my amazing friends from my course.


    photo 2 (1)  photo 3 (1)


    In terms of how great the food was I guess I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. All freshly made by the way that’s how how proud we were of ourselves. This is one evening we took a break from the gym and happily devoured away with our favorite Christmas tunes in the background.

  • Day out in Winchester

    Last Saturday was one of most wonderful days I have spent since coming to the UK. Winchester looked even more beautiful as it was a sunny day. The day started with meeting two of my brother’s colleagues and we walked through the water meadows of the River Itchen, which was amazing. Then climbed St. Catherine’s Hill which was about 318ft, the view from the top the hill was lovely.

    We spent a lot of time in wandering around the high street. The high street was vibrant with the Christmas lights and filled with discount sales. A street performance by a brass band was the central attraction on the high street.

  • University Funds to assist students in financial difficulty

    Since 1st August 2014 Student Support has been able to assist students in financial difficulties by giving 95 awards from the University Funds, totally £89,225.

    The Student Money team administers various University Funds. Students may find themselves in financial hardship for a variety of reasons and Student Money aims to help as many eligible students as possible. Priority must be given to those in unforeseen, exceptional and extreme financial hardship.

    Are students eligible?

    • Have they accessed all possible sources of income?
    • Are they in extreme, exceptional and unforeseen hardship?
    • Can they provide documentary evidence of their situation?
  • First impressions of Surrey

    Being in the University has broadened my horizon and I have gained valuable knowledge and experience especially being an International student. Coming from a small country like Singapore, one of the definite highlights of my experience here has been the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world and understand their respective cultures. Never has there been a day that I had felt ‘alone’ here as everyone, both academics and students, have been so welcoming and open. Facilities such as the Student Support Services and the International Recruitment office have constantly opened their doors to help us with anything we may find difficulties with. I am also very pleased with the fact that the University has a strong Students’ Union, offering a wide variety of societies ranging from Sports to Interest Groups to International societies and more. The University is also one of the highest in the UK for their Placement Opportunities and Graduate Employment rate, which I feel are so essential going onto the working world eventually. Academics here are extremely knowledgeable and are always open to advising students whether it is for their school work or their daily lives.

  • Placement training year

    有很多人对我的placement training year (以后简称PTY)很感兴趣,那我今天就和大家讲讲我的经历。

    萨里大学给本科学生提供了“三明治”带薪实习课程, 也就是前两年在校读书,第三年带薪实习, 然后第四年再回到校园完成学业。它的优点是既不用考虑工作签证问题,又可以在增加学生的工作经验, 还有很多学生在实习之后最终拿到毕业工作的offer。

    我是在来到英国以后才听说“三明治”课程的存在,当时已经是10月,所有的申请都已经开始。虽然觉得时间很紧张,, 我还是初生牛犊不怕虎的也开始找工作。那时候刚到英国,对自己的语言也不太自信, 然后一点工作经验也都没有,所以我把目标锁定在旅游酒店业,因为我觉得只要真诚细心就够了。 从CV,Cover letter,网申的各种开放问题,到最后面试,萨里的career office帮了我的大忙。 那里的career coach特别的耐心, 而且很有经验。我建议想找工作的小伙伴一定要利用好学校提供的这个资源。

    我最后幸运的成为伦敦一家五星级酒店的实习生。作为其中唯一一位亚洲面孔, 我一开始很有压力,大家一起去pub的时候我也很难插上话。可是后来慢慢的熟悉之后,发现同事们都很友善,很好相处,工作起来也很认真。虽然对于从来没有工作的我来说,实习很辛苦, 但是我在那一年里成熟了很多,也收获了很多友谊。

    萨里的Surreylearn里专门提供了placement employer list, 小伙伴可以定期去查。英国还有各种学生招聘的网站比如Milkround,Targetjobs等等,wikijob里还有类似国内应届生的论坛。总之,只要你有足够的决心一定会找到心仪的工作的。


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