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  • Singapore Society Annual Xmas Dinner!


    The Singapore Society just had our annual Christmas Dinner last Friday, the 19th Dec in Heart & Soul cafe in the University. For some of us, especially the newly-joined students, it is our first Christmas away from home. The dinner has allowed us to not only celebrate & experience this joyous occasion in the UK, but also to celebrate it with fellow Singaporeans, creating an atmosphere akin to being on the streets of Orchard Road and seeing the beautiful Christmas lights. Being the Vice-President, I feel it is important we know we always have one another and that wherever we are in the world, we will always be Singaporeans. The dinner bonded all of us together, singing Christmas carols, exchanging gifts as part of Secret Santa and of course savouring delicious English Christmas turkey meals! We also played games like Charades and Pictionary as part of our post-dinner program to involve everyone in the fun. What made Charades so interesting was particularly the “Singapore-themed” Charades where we had to describe words associating with Singapore. For example, food found in Singapore like Laksa, Ban Mian or famous TV personality and TV shows such as PCK. I particularly liked the “Singaporean Slang-theme” where typical Singaporean words such as “kiasu”, “gang-ho” &  “bo-jio” appeared. It was so hilarious watching all of us come together trying so hard to describe what seemed so simple to us but so difficult to the guesser! That was such an enjoyable time where everyone had a good laugh!

  • The Small-Town Life!

    As far as cities in Canada are concerned, everything is huge and vastly spread out. There are tall buildings and massive six lane highways everywhere. So when I made the move from Canada to UK, it was a big change for me. Not only is the weather considerably more bearable here, everything is much smaller than what I am initially used to. Guildford, for me, is a very small town (there’s ONLY four Starbucks here, including the one on campus!). I love it. I love being able to walk almost anywhere without having to wear insane amounts of winter gear. Back home, driving is practically mandatory as the public transport does not cover the entire city and the weather conditions are too harsh to walk/cycle. This experience is completely new and I am wholeheartedly welcoming it.

  • First thing- we study!

    Studying abroad is truly fun and enjoyable, meeting new friends, living with people from around the world, etc. Yet, do always bear in mind- we came here to study!

    One of the reasons why Hong Kong students chose to study abroad or study at University of Surrey is because they provide wide range of subjects for us to choose from. Many of these subjects were not taught in any Universities in Hong Kong, for details please refer to:

    Apart from your own subject, you can also study a new language in University of Surrey. You can study many different kinds of languages such as Spanish, Korean, French, etc. for free! However, all these language modules are credits-bearing for undergraduates so please make sure you engage to the studies like any other modules! For details, please refer to:

  • Tis the Season

    As we have made it to that time of year again where everywhere looks that much prettier in the twinkling Christmas lights, and everyone is filled with seasonal good cheer it seems apt that the University Archives delve into its records.

    This is a blog of few words and many images.  Please enjoy looking at just a selection of the ways in which the University of Surrey has celebrated during this festive time throughout its history.

    Please note, the research room will be closed  Friday 19th December – Tuesday 13th January 2015.  We hope to see you all again in the New Year.

  • 圣诞节欧洲旅行






    1) 瑞士是目前我去过的最喜欢的欧洲国家,风景宜人,随便照一张照片都是一幅画。






    2) 西班牙的巴塞罗那,是高迪的城市,各色的建筑让你难以想象这是平常的房子,看上去就是艺术品。







    3) 德国的慕尼黑的圣诞市场很推荐。各色的食物和浓重的圣诞气氛。



    4) 奥地利的最美小镇,让人心旷神怡,完全沉浸在大自然中。


    5) 意大利的威尼斯其实没有我想像的那么小,以前在小学课本中学到,以为是一个很小的地方,其实坐船到彩色岛,还需要做一段时间。


    这是我去过的欧洲国家中,给我印象深刻的几个地方,等待大家去旅游,分享给有趣的故事给我们听。Merry Christmas :)


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