Do we need to move beyond Cancer Awareness Campaigns?

For decades governments and charities have launched public health campaigns warning us about our weight, teaching us about the symptoms of cancer and encouraging us to stop smoking. Millions of pounds have been spent on raising public awareness on wellbeing, but are they working? The simple answer is yes. Such campaigns educate people about symptoms […]


Would you know what to do, if you saw someone collapse in the street? Could you be the person who could give them the best chance of survival? If you feel like you wouldn’t have a clue how you’d handle that situation, you are not alone. The Resuscitation Council reports that there are around 30,000 cardiac arrests […]

We’d rather be walking

This year, the School of Health Sciences has taken part in the University of Surrey GCC walking challenge. Colleagues have come together to form teams made of 7 people to compete for the most number of steps they can walk, run, cycle or swim. We are very pleased to say that this year we have […]

Cancer survivorship

Watching the Olympics over the weekend has been inspiring, but also fascinating. Behind the scenes our athletes work hard with their coaches in preparation for their events and this behind the scenes view can be as interesting TV as the sprint finish or rugby sevens. What has been thought-provoking is that athletes have teams of […]