Exam week is here!!!

   By: Lina


Hey guys!!

How are you? I hope you are well and healthy!!
How is your exam?? Because I do need to do my supposedly studying. But you know what? I feel like talking to you guys.

As you can see, each table has something on it and those belongs to people who tend to study like really late at night! We even tend to stay overnight in the library (and yes, I’m in the library now).

It’s not a must tho but I prefer to study in library than at home… feel more motivated to study here than at home.

Anyway! Although the people aren’t there, they probably are downstairs in the mini market to catch some breather or coffee~

Here! Let me take you to there!



As you can see it’s like indomaret in Indonesia but they also offer vegetables section. Imagine a supermarket like Hero/Carrefour but in the size of Indomaret.

I usually went here to buy a couple of drinks (soft drinks) or snacks when I need to be in Library for long periods.

Very convenient.

It’s also open at 6 am – 11 pm, just imagine how long that is XD

You can get a lot of stuff, but if you ask for Halal/ Chinese stuff, they don’t over wide variety. Still, for me who need to grab a snack or two, it’s pretty convenient.

I think that’s all for now~
Just feel like being random and wanting to talk to you guys here XD

Well, wish me luck!!
My exam is like in 3 days from now and lord! I’m anxious~
It’s essay!! And you need to fill 2 questions in 2 hours!
So yeah… don’t have time to dilly dally there~

Anyway, thank you for reading My random post!!

I know I should study but I just want to talk some random stuff here, so there you go XD