Surbiton: London Sonoan Dikit

Hello semua!!

Lina is here!!

Sorry guys for not writing anything last month, I was in some deep studying with everything that I study for this semester XD

But I want to talk with you and don’t want you feel left out.
By the way, how are you guys, I hope you are well. How is the weather there? I’m forget what season is it this month. Rainy?
Duren season?? Rambutan?? Lol!!

Anyway, remember the friend that I went for ice skating? Since last time she visited me in Guildford, it’s my chance to visit her in the town she accustoms to. Surbiton.

To be honest, I was expecting a town quite like Guildford. Since the name kind of giving me the vibe and impressions for it. But when I stepped out from the town’s train station, men!!

It was like a smaller London!!

Well, it’s technically part of London. It’s only an hour long travel for only £4.90 if you have rail card (seriously, get rail card when you get here and wanting to travel. It saves you lots).

So, I stepped out. Amazed with what I saw. It was so packed and very much have so much variety of shops (not like guildford don’t have any, but something’s just can’t be get in Guildford). Anyway, there are a lot of people…
I went there this Friday and it was the school leaving time (when you have a lot of school students out and go home). It was so packed!!

You need to have 2 bus in a row to get all the student in!
And to tell you the truth, it’s still fun. Although my friend was saying sorry about it and annoyed with the fact it was so packed.
Nevertheless, it was a fun experience.

We were just hang out, went to art shops and cheap textile/fabric shops for my next cosplay. Bought art supplies for the same purpose and stayed for a while for dinner in Yo sushi (seriously, you can’t never underestimate the small portion there… small, but full filling).

Done eating our meals, we stayed and chatted about many things. Relationships, friends of friends, issue/gossips about the host event we went to, etc.

Oh, the place we ate was like a mall. Just imagine this Yo Sushi is Hanamasa and it’s placed in a mall.
It’s so rare to find a mall like place is UK, only big cities that have those.

Nevertheless, Surbiton was an awesome place!
The town centre is like in Liverpool but bigger. Very nice place. It’s quite happy that I found one.
Maybe that’s all for now. It was a nice place, if you come here, make sure to check out Surbiton. You get vintage vibe + modern.

Thank you for reading 🙂