How I applied to University of Surrey

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Anyway, today’s topic is…. How I enter the University of Surrey for Master degree??

So, let’s start from the beginning.
Previously, I was graduated from a university in England for my bachelor degree. Although I could just go home and work, I feel like I did not get enough in my previous University. So, I applied to various university in England.

Since I took my degree in England, it is easier to me, and I do not need to reapply my IELTS. I took IELTS when I applied to my Bachelor degree, and I didn’t get the amounted marks I need to pass. So, I took a pre-sessional class for 3 months in the same university.
If I remember correctly, I only need to show:

  • Transcripts for all my studies in chronological order (from Junior high school – Bachelor degree)
  •  The qualifications/certificates I received (From Junior high school – Bachelor degree showing my classifications [2:1/2:2]).
  • Cover letter (about why do you choose Uni of Surrey, what do you choose that subject and what do you want to do after graduating).
  • The IELTS test I took for my bachelor degree.
  • Deposit
  • If you have a CV at that time, show it too.

(Don’t quote me on this as sometimes, rules are changing. What I follow through may different later for you. So, make sure to read all the requirements needed, provided on the website. If you are still confused about something, please do ask the admission. For my program, here is the link: )
At that time, I applied Surrey uni in about the End of January- February 2016. At the time, most well-known universities were opening registration in December – January. So, I was pretty much late.
It was kind of miracles for me to know that Surrey is accepting as they emailed me about my conditional offer (at the time, I do not yet get my bachelor certificate. So, I need to bug my uni for it. Aside from that, I already submit everything required). The reason I said miracles are because, most top 10 unis in league table were closing their registrations (note: the university of Surrey was at the 8th place at the time and judging from where I was for my bachelor, I was shocked) and Surrey still accept me despite my lateness.

For me to change status into unconditional, I need to pay the deposit and show my certificates. I did pay mine. So, only, the certificate.

My Bachelor degree was in Business Administration, and my dissertation is related to Human Resource Management. So, my degree now is related to what I wrote in my dissertation and even beyond that.

Anyway, thank you for reading this!

Point to take note:

  1.  Make sure to read the requirements provided in the website. Each degree has their own requirements needed.
  2.  Confuse? Feel free to ask! I can help you with things that I know of, like what is it like living in here? What do you need to do before getting to Guildford, What things you need to bring and do I get to meet a lot of Indonesian here (yes, there is even Indonesian society in the uni, and I am friend with the current vice president of the society) or my experience as a student in UK universities. But aside from that, please refer to the website or contact the admin team about any administrative stuff XD

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