Classification and Exam score.

Hey, Lina is here.

Recently, I have done my third exam. From what I have seen, as I am a master student, you need to do 4 subjects in each term. Master only have 3 term, first and second are for classes (you enter and learn in a class base) and third mostly for your dissertation.

Right now I am doing my second term exam and it is part of the system if you fail one or two subject, you will have re-sit. Which means, you need to do re-test and you cannot submit your dissertation on time.

Since each term you are tested for 4 subjects (all of them are written test and since I am in a social study subject, I mostly need to do essays), there is still a compensation. Meaning, even if you fail a subject with a certain grade, you still can pass if the rest of your score can add up and help this bad score you get to pass. Like if you get 1 bad score and 3 other good (for argument sake, you got 70 or 80), you can help your bad score to be overlooked and let you pass. That’s some compensation.

However, you still need to study in order to get that and try as much as you can to get good score. To me, that kind of situation is gambling. You need to pass at least score 40 or 50 to pass and that depends on how you well you did your tests.

In my part, my total score are based on assignments I did and tests. Each subject sometimes has 1 or 2 assignments and sometimes 1 assignments and 1 test or 1 test in the beginning and another test at the end. In other words, there is starting score and ending score. To get total score, you need to add start to end and divided by 2. Lets say your start score, you get 60 and your end score got 40, it equals to 100/2 = 50.

50 is pass.

So, make sure you at least get merits (60 – 69) or distinction ( 70 above), in order to get at least 2:1 in your overall classification.

In Indonesia or USA (as far as I know), you get GPA. In UK, you get classification.

There are 4 classification. 3 (Third class), 2:2 ( second lower class) and 2:1 ( second upper class) and 1 (first class).

As much as possible, don’t get third class, it is similar to worst GPA. (D).

2:2 classification ( 50 – 59 score), is like you get (C).

2:1 Classification (60 – 69 score) is like you get (B).

1 Classification (70 above ) is like you get (A).

Thus, as far as you can… you at least get an 2:1 classification for your end overall. Why? not only it is easier to get a job, but if you plan to stay in UK, at least you need to get a job. Most jobs prefer you to have at least classification of 2:1. Classification of 2:2 sometimes have a hard time to be accepted, especially in good well known organisation. But then again, even if you don’t want to stay in UK, it is better for you to have 2:1 classification. Not only you will be easier to get a job in Indonesia too, you are credible to be accepted anywhere with that classification for fresh graduate.

For a master like me, I still need to aim for 2:1 classification, because I want to be credible and easy to get a job.

But if you try harder, you will get what you want anyway. So, make sure you try hard and do the best you can!

If you want to come to surrey, I kid you not! all of them are very helpful. However, you need to take action first before you ask for help. As a saying goes, “God won’t help those who won’t help themselves”.

So, make sure you help yourself and reach the goal you want to reach! Work hard! Fight Fight Fight!

That’s all from me and I hope what I wrote is informing for you all.

Thank you for reading!