How are you guys and I hope you are well!!

How was your exams? good? My exams are good so far (I think XD ). So for now, I need to wait for the result to comes out. I don’t know when will it be (I think around 2 weeks or so. Considering there are quite a lot of Master students in Surrey, especially for my degree and it also need to go through first, second and third marker as I’ve said before).

So yeah, waiting time!!

While I wait, I got the chance to have a breather. So, right now I am in Northampton to visit a friend staying there. We went to park and went to Milton Keynes again. Anyway! believe me when I say that UK is hot in summer!!

I used to live in the Northern area (Chester) before and I did not notice a slight heat rise whatsoever, as it usually rains a lot even in summer there. But when you finally live in the Southern area, my god it is hot!!

Right now, it is more or less 30 and above degree Celsius and I don’t think there will be rain this week in Northampton or in Surrey (I checked the Weather forecast in Iphone).  You may be thinking, “but Indonesia is way hotter than that, you are just exaggerating it”. Well, think as you like, but I am drenched in sweat and in constant need of fan. Air-conditioner is expensive and not many room in here have air-con (unless you want to pay a lot for rent or electricity), the wind also not as ‘blowy’ as I want it to be (I already open my window as wide as possible and it does not help), and lastly… taking cold shower sometimes not help since you will get drenched with sweat again. It is good for work out I think, since you sweat easily but please drinks a lot of water.

Even in this heat, some people can get heat stroke I believe. So, don’t dehydrate yourself and drink a lot of water!

Speaking of air-con, a friend of mine teach me to create emergency air-con using left over bottle. So, you feel your bottle with water, freeze it and once it freeze, put the freeze bottle behind your fan. It will be like air-con for sure. I tried it and yasss…. so good~

So don’t waste your water bottle!!

Also, since it is summer now… some men are walking bare chested in Northampton due to the heat (although it is considered middle part but it is still hot)… so, if you come here this time… don’t be surprised. None will judge them with this heat. I don’t know about Surrey or Guildford, but I think it might be the same (?), who knows.

Nevertheless, be sure to pack your summer sun screen since the heat outside is a bit pricking if you want to go to UK this time (It slightly hurt my skin, so I tend to be inside often). Northern region is forgiving in term of heat (2 years staying there and most of the time… either the degree is only 27 Celsius max or it mostly raining), but make sure for Southern area as I live in it now.

Be safe you all!! Don’t get heat stroke and always hydrate yourself!!!

Lina out for a pack of Ice cubes.