Summer Holiday and How to deal with lost wallet situation

Hey hoo!!

Meet again after so long!! Don’t worry, I am well but yeah, I got some mishaps here and there last week.

Anyway, how are you guys? Good??

Recently, I couldn’t walk properly due to I sprain my ankle :p

It hurts, so I can’t go anywhere and I just lay on the bed (even set my feet on the floor is hurting). But once I feel better… I went somewhere with friends, only to lost my wallet on my way home TTATT

So, based on my experience… I will tell you how to deal with this kind of situations.

  1. One think you need to do is keep calm and don’t be too overwhelmed.

    It is self explanatory, yet it is hard to do at this situation. I’m someone that can be a tad bit panicky in this situation. However, being panic wont help you get anything done. So, relax. Take a deep breath and think straight. Think what are the things that you need to do the most and think what are the things within the wallet (Like ID, debit/credit cards, railcard, or any details that you deem to be important). Remember among all the things within the card, what is the most important item within the wallet then act on it.
  2. Cancel/block your debit/credit card ASAP.

    Again, it is self explanatory. How you do it? well, you need to contact the bank of your debit/credit card. Ask them to block the card, so no one can withdraw/ use the card. As you can see, using an active card is simple, you need to have the card. Input the card number on the front of the card along with the security code on the back of it. Input those two things into a paypal (digital wallet that most online shops here use) or something and you can easily use that for transaction. You don’t want to lose your money in the bank, do you? So keep that in mind and straight away cancel your card if you really think you lost your card.note: if you don’t have cash at this point, make sure you go to the nearest branch of your bank and ask them for some withdraw money.

  3. Check the last establishment you entered.

    Highly likely that you dropped/forget to get your stuff within that establishment and just left like that. Remember where you went and if you are in a position where you cannot travel because of your lost wallet, use your phone to get the contact details of the establishment and call them. Securities tend to roam around and it would be bad for them if they are lying they don’t see when in fact, they do. It is more quality service here than quantity, so… make sure of that.

  4. Lost and found.

    Yes, this is very important. If lets say you went somewhere and you unconsciously drop your wallet or something like that (this is just if situations), chances are someone picked it up and give it to lost and found section of the place.  For instance, you went into the underground tube and when you exited the underground tube, you noticed you lost your wallet. If that’s happen, don’t panic and follow steps #1 and #2, then file a report to the London underground tube for the thing you lost. Make sure to give the details of what your wallet look like. Picture of similar item to your wallet, will help the search.
    It may takes awhile and you won’t get your wallet right away. But if they have info about it, they will contact you and arrange where you can get it. Also, you can file lost property into police station too. That way, police can keep track of the thing you lost.

  5. Lastly, make sure to advertise what you lost into social media.

    Social media like facebook, helps you to get as many info and people as you can get, to search your wallet. Maybe someone saw it and get a hold of it until you reach out to them. Although human being human, some of them can be greedy and won’t tell you where your stuff is. But not all human are evil, so chances are… they keep it so they can give it to you. In this case, make sure you are in a facebook group of the lost and found for the area you lost your stuff in. For example, you lost your stuff in London. The last place you went it is a restaurant or any other food establishment. Before broadcasting it into the social media, check first about the thing you lost to the establishment you entered last. If they don’t have it, then ask the social media for it. Either it dropped on the road and someone picked it up or something, make sure to explain in detail what you lost. It will help you to get the info of the whereabouts items as quick as you can.

I think that’s all for today. Note that after you block your card (debit/credit), make sure to ask them for replacement. Usually it will take 2 to 3 working days using Royal mail (similar to post mail in Indonesia) and before you get your new card, every financial detail you entered in for any transaction you made will not be active anymore. So, if you need to have some kind of transaction soon using your card, you need to wait until you get your new card arrives.

Anyway, see you!!