Doctor Appointment

Hey all!

Meet again with me, Lina. How are you guys? Good?
I heard this month is the beginning of new semester. How was it so far? Good?
I’m doing well myself. Although recently one of my leg got sprain and can’t walk properly. Although it’s still a little hurt to walk until now, but oh well. It will heal soon.
Don’t worry, I got medicine from a doctor.

Speaking of Doctor, today I will tell you about check up and get medical service in UK.

Unlike in Indonesia, you can go to a clinic or to doctor and you get served (first come get service first), in UK…you need to book appointment.

But lina, Indonesian hospital are like that too.

Yeah, I know. But in UK, be it hospital or small clinic, you need to call your nearest clinic to get an appointment. The difference is, before you book an appointment, you will be asked what do you feel and why do you call them for.
If they (Doctor or nurse) feel that the issue isn’t as big of a deal, they will not book you an appointment, instead they will tell you about home remedies you can get in drug stores.

I have asthma. But my asthma only appears when I’m too tired or my immune is dropping. I usually have coughs and runny nose before proceed to asthma. However, this issue can be fixed before It get worst using drugstore medicine.

Don’t worry? Drugstore medicine in UK aren’t like in Indonesia. Let’s say, the generic medicines (medicines similar to conidin or any small medicine you can get in alfamart or Indomart) in UK equal to expensive drug that you can usually obtain using a doctor receipt in Indonesia.

The quality of the medicine rivalled to those medicines you think need to go to doctors to get it. No, In UK, you don’t have to do that. There are some medicine that you need to go to doctor to get it, because it obtained antibiotics. You need certain amount advised by a doctor to take it.

So, how do I get a doctor appointment?

All you need is to call the nearest clinic at your place. Tell what is the issue concerning you and depending on your answer, you will either get be directed to home medicine (UK’s generic medicine) or get to appointed to a doctor.

Everything is via call or online. Even in doctor appointment, more or less you spend 10 – 15 minutes of with the doctor. That’s included check you up, writing your receipt and the small talks. You can’t talk with the doctor like gossiping or something… not like you can’t, but you will be ushered by the doctor because their time is short.

There is a shortage for doctor in here, yet there are a lot of patients to deal. Imagine how packed their schedule are.
Thus, the calling before the appointment come in handy. By doing so, small issues that can be dealt easily can be asked via call. Asking for the symptoms and diagnoses it via call. If you need a receipt, you will be directed to the nearest clinic and get your medicine in apothecary or any drugstore. That way, they have time to deal with major patients needed.

So, if you want to go to Surrey… try search for their clinical subjects. They have cool facilities for it and has their building for it. Whether you want to do clinical experiments, you can have your own place to do so.

Also, make sure to get a placement too. It will help you increase your practical knowledge in work base experience, so once you graduated… you can either accustom to the culture and insight of UK medical field or, when you come back to Indonesia once you are done, you can say in your CV that you are accustom in western sickness (I heard west and east sickness are different? Don’t quote me on that :p )

So yeah, sorry for the long post.
It’s been a while and that’s it for now.
Thank you for reading!