Interviewing for Data

Hey all!!

We meet again!
How are you doing? Good?
There will be massive input from me because I feel guilty to not have some input on for quite sometimes.

Anyway, recently while my leg isn’t working properly. I’m trying to write stuff for my dissertation and also conducting my interview. So, I have done quite a few of them and To tell you the truth, I’m quite nervous if what I write will be as good as I want it to be :p

So, speaking of interviewing people. I need to interview people, either via fb messenger, skype or any other app that the participants have currently. Most of the time, I use fb messenger.

I need to search people from Padjadjaran University in Bandung, especially those who have undergone placement (magang) or is fresh graduate who previously doesn’t have working experience. My research is using qualitative methods, thus I need to dig of how they feel when they work.

It was quite fun to talk in Indonesian once again (yes, since my participants are all Indonesian, I use Indonesian too |( ̄3 ̄)| )

I tell them that any company or any name they mentioned will not be stated in my research and everything will be anonymous. This is to secure their privacy and names as well. After all, opinion is entitled to the person stated it and the person stated it can be from a company. They don’t want to tarnish the name of the company after all.

To me, you need to be polite to the participants. Make sure you are not an inconvenience to the participants and always… ALWAYS asking when they are available. If they’re busy at the time, schedule a time for both you and your participant can talk. This time, it’s 6 hours gap between Indonesia and UK. Indonesian time is quicker than in Indonesia, so I usually contacted them around 12 – 15:00 UK time. Because by that time, Indonesia is around 6 – 9 pm Indonesian time.

Oh, before everything…
you need to create questions you want to ask. That questions need to be as close as what your aim for this research is. What do you want to ask based on your aim. What’s this research is for?
The question needs to be based on the topic you are researching.

You can’t come up with questions? Then, search questions that related to your topic. I searched mine using previous dissertations related toy topic and if the questions isn’t really suited, give a twist to it on your own, to meet what you are aiming for. Also, make the question as neat as possible. Neat as in easy to read, use your own language (don’t use complicated words because none knows if your participant understand what you are saying or not, even if you speak in the same mother ‘s tongue.

When you interviewing someone, be prepared. From your pen if you want to write something (or write the answer or note), your questions, your recorder if you need to (i use my phone for it :p) or any tools you feel needed in your interview.

Listen to what they say and take notes to whatever you feel necessary to take note. I use open ended questions because I want to dig as much info as I can from my participants. You can ask something based on the participants’s answer and not rigid. It’s just like talking and listening to them.

I use qualitative research because I’m accustomed to it and able to have few participants for my research. However, if you’re going for quantitative, make sure to make your questions online. It’s way cheaper and effective.

Anyway, that’s all for now. i hope you are well and make sure to get your score high so you can be accepted in a good university!!