Hair Cut

Hello guys!!

How are you?? Lina here!
I hope you are well and happy 😊

I’m doing myself.

Recently, I got to get a haircut. My legs still hurt due to sprain but yeah, step by step is okay for me.

So, I want to talk about hair cut. If you are the type of girl/guy who likes to go to the salon or beauty parlour, let me tell you something. It’s expensive.
I spend £32 just for haircut. But that’s because I don’t have my student card with me because of I just lost my student card recently. So yeah…

So, as a student, we get some student discounts in some of beauty parlour or any shops really. But make sure to ask if they offer any at first before jump into the service.

Most of the hair service, be it cut, spa, cream-bath or any of salon services they offer, usually it costs £16 above. It depends on what service you want to have.

Unlike in Indonesia, UK has separate kind of salon. Like there is hair salon, pedicure salon, spa salon and many more. I hardly see any place that contain those mentioned in one place, mostly either they are separated (different place) or not far from the other.

Also, none of the service (as far as I know) priced below 15 without student discount.

Anyway, back to my story.

I used to have long hair. I think the length almost reach my butt. However, it’s annoying to control, especially when it becomes hard to brush, taking a lot of shampoo and conditioner, I have split ends too and heavy. Plus summer.

So, I cut it short. Like neck length short. The person dealing with me, she kinda nervous with my decision because from the reaching butt length to neck length… that’s a huge chunk she need to cut.
She said I was nervous but to tell you the truth, I feel relieved. I finally able to cut my hair!

She keep telling me If I’m alright and she was also taking pictures my before and after.

My hair is damaged. I used to bleach it blonde and colour it. Thus are the reason I let it grow so that I can at least just cut the bleached hair (my bleached hair is so dry it becomes like the brush a swipe). But due to my annoyance andy hair tendencies to knotted themselves, I was like… “F it! I cut it short!”.

With this amount, I can still cosplay… and it’s easier to maintain. Cheap hair is cheap…
plus, I don’t regret it…
I feel happy afterwards because my decision.

When I look back at where I sit for the haircut, I was kinda shocked of how long and many my hairs are XD


At least it’s breezy now and O don’t need to brush my hair that often :p
That’s all for now and I hope you get something from my story and my rambling! XD
Thank you for reading!!