From Indonesia to Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student


Hey!! How are you guys and I hope you are well!! How was your exams? good? My exams are good so far (I think XD ). So for now, I need to wait for the result to comes out. I don’t know when will it be (I think around 2 weeks or so. Considering there […]

Classification and Exam score.

Hey, Lina is here. Recently, I have done my third exam. From what I have seen, as I am a master student, you need to do 4 subjects in each term. Master only have 3 term, first and second are for classes (you enter and learn in a class base) and third mostly for your […]

End of year dinner with Anime Soc

Hello everyone! Lina here! Have you read my previous update? you do? Good! As I have time to write something before continuing to my study (I am now doing revision for Accounting). Anyway! today, I will be telling you about the Year end eat out. Usually, not long after a committee change, the whole society […]

Update of what is going on!

Hello everyone! Back again with me, Lina. Well, I am so sorry that I am not updating for quite a long time (I think). I have been going around and today, specifically today! on May 31, 2017! I have my Day 1 exam. It was Strategy. It was an okay experience and if you follow […]

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