Surrey meets Indonesia

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student

Update of what is going on!

Hello everyone! Back again with me, Lina. Well, I am so sorry that I am not updating for quite a long time (I think). I have been going around and today, specifically today! on May 31, 2017! I have my Day 1 exam. It was Strategy. It was an okay experience and if you follow […]

How do you get your mark?

Hello! Back again with Lina! I am so sorry! Lately, I have been busy with revising and forgot to update you guys with what I have been doing each week U_U Well, since it is nearing the exam time and as I wrote this, some of the students are undergoing their exam. So, it brings […]

Revision Week

Helloooo!! Apa kabar?? Lina here! Sudah jarang aku pakai bahasa Indonesia. Apa kabar? Baik? Oh ya, beberapa waktu yang akan datang, bakal ada yang namany exam alias ujian. Sebagai S2, aku tetap harus mengikuti exam. Seperti yang aku bilang sebelumnya, exam disini seperti exam ujian national, jadi kalau mau nyontek pun susah (Jangan nyontek Guys! […]

What is it like to do Exam in Surrey?

Hello Everyone, It is Lina again. How are you doing? good? I am so sorry that I did not post any posts for quite sometimes now. I was moving out from my previous accommodation.  On top of that, there is stuff like doing my assignments, also neaingExam week, everything is quite hectic nowadays. Anyway, I […]

How I applied to University of Surrey

Hey, guys!! Back again with me, Lina!! How are you? Good? How is your study? I’m good too and currently doing my assignments, even though I am still in my Easter holidays XD The deadline for the assignments are in May, so gotta go write yo!! Gladly, I am almost finished. So, I can talk […]

Webinar Before Easter

(PS: the picture has nothing to do with the content. I just love to put a picture in every post I wrote. I hope you don’t mind and also, the flowers are all my neighbours’s. A sweet old lady who loves her garden. I love her garden XD ) Hey again! Back again with me […]

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