Surrey meets Indonesia

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student

Move In Move Out

Hey guys!! How are you doing? Lina’s here and I’m sick (literally sick coughing and have runny nose) due to spring and all (I have allergies to dust mites and pollen). Need to get my medicine soon! And I wish someone want to take care of sick me TT*TT (This is the reason you should […]

Guildford Picnic (1/04/2017)

Hey!! How are you doing? Lina here. Doing some double posting because last week, I’m not posting anything. So, this week, double the fun XD Anyway! Let’s get to the main topic XD So, on Saturday this week, I went to picnic with fellow Indonesian that I am close with. Well, since this week is […]

MCM BIRMINGHAM 18-20 March ’17

Hey everyone, Lina’s here. Recently I’m still feeling blue due to post-con-syndrome (the feeling of sadness because convention finishes). Also sorry for not updating for quite awhile. Assignments drowning me in XD But there will be easter holiday, so… I’m quite free :3 Anyway! Recently (more like a few weeks ago), I went to my […]

Watching Koe no Katachi

Hey everyone, Lina here. Yesterday, was a blast for me. So let me me get to the story. Koe no Katachi (silent voice), is an anime movie based on a manga with the same title. Usually, animation related movie is only aired in specific locations (which mostly in big cities like London, Birmingham or any […]

Surbiton: London Sonoan Dikit

Hello semua!! Lina is here!! Sorry guys for not writing anything last month, I was in some deep studying with everything that I study for this semester XD But I want to talk with you and don’t want you feel left out. By the way, how are you guys, I hope you are well. How […]

Nice Weekend

Hi, Lina here. This weekend makes me really happy. Not only I get to meet someone but also, when he arrived, we get to watch and play with my society. Okay. So a friend of mine from outside Guildford is coming over for hang out and chill. When my friend arrived (on Friday), I ask […]

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