From Kenya to Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Kenyan student

….Chevening Scholars Relay: the Red baton lands at Surrey

Chevening scholars at the University of Surrey had a great day, laying their hands on the red chevening scholars relay baton,one of the two relay batons making their round in universities around the UK.

...chevening scholars relay baton at SurreyThe red baton, first launched at Bangor university chevening scholarships award ceremony has been on the move ever since September 2016, reaching out to the many scholars in different universities around the UK. Dubbed the scholars relay, the baton represents Chevening scholarships aims to all the successful applicants and the very countries they represent. The relay seeks to encourage scholars to collaborate with one another and other stakeholders both in the UK and beyond, among the scholars themselves, network, travel widely and adopt an all inclusive approach to common goals.  The aim is to have the baton pass around the network safely, getting the scholars to develop conversations around one another within the network and beyond.


Return to home…..


Right after the end of last semester exam, something happened. It was something i had looked forward to, for two months. Getting back home to my family. The anxiety that came with leaving them four months earlier was gone, but the new anxiety that came with looking forward to seeing them again was here with me. Interesting aspects of life, one gets anxious when leaving and still gets anxious while returning. 

The thought of it excited me, and the reality of it consumed me. Being away from your family for studies does a number of things to someone; you get to appreciate even more how important they are when around you, and you miss them even more, and you grow to love them even more…. guess. Through the assignments, the studies and lectures, and the trips and fun filled moments, when there seems to be no much energy left to move on, ones family provides the energy to move on. And this is what i had experienced i the four months.

Winter break and the reality of a scholar


fred-800x600I heard  the bells of winter break coming two weeks ago…..and i knew i would once again hear the curtains close down on this precious break and now its time folks.

Studying in a foreign country, in UK for that matter, with the immense pressure and responsibilities that come with them can be quite traumatizing and that is why the thought of a break sends chills of excitement down the spine of every scholar….However, the chills of excitement are mixed with anxiety over what awaits UK scholars after the break…the end of semester exams. Eleven weeks of, i would call it, hard work in reality but smart work eventually can take a great toll on anyone….pushing oneself beyond human elastic limits (if it exists) to beat assignments submission timelines, preparing for CATS (continuous assessment tests), working really smart to prove yourself and everyone else that you can do it, catching up with what others know that you seemingly knew before and you have forgotten( that is if you have been away from the classroom for quite sometime), thinking of the certain uncertainties that await you after the end of your studies…thinking of how your family is doing while you are away and many other anxious thoughts that seem to send one over the sun.

The Beginning of the Beginnings…my journey to Surrey

captureIt was 3.30am in Mombasa…lovely moon was out there which seemed to say…. go well son, and come back soon. A decision had been made. My masters of science in Energy Economics and Policy program journey courtesy of the prestigious Chevening scholarship had just began. UK was the destination and University of Surrey was the place to be. The 15 minutes’ drive to the airport was silent but anxious. Nostalgia, the feeling I have nursed since I was a little boy gripped me when I finally said bye to my family…..I looked forward to seeing them again, which I still do to this moment. Aboard Kenya airways, several thoughts went through my head. Had I made the right decision? With the many stories of harsh weather, the complete opposite of my home town, Mombasa, would I really make it? What is the place like?  What was Guildford like and how are the people and the culture? My family, how would they cope without me? The anxiety consumed every bit of me….but a decision had been made, I had to do it. Hope of a better place, a better people, a better culture, a better university education and a great decision made slowly returned.


Theory Meets Practice: Energy Economics students visit Apsely Bio-gas plant

My journey from Mombasa, Kenya to UK has been a fun filled one ( to be continued on a different note…….) but also really focused. Through out my academic and professional experiences, life has taught me to have a reason for making choices at all or certain times in life. For me, one of the choices i had to make while seeking an institution of higher learning in UK was one that respected the interface between the theory taught in lectures and the practical world each scholar seeks to be  apart of long after the scholar life is gone.  The university of Surrey is one choice am glad i made, because besides wonderful things happening here, Theory in all its forms meets practice.


Hello world!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Fredrick Amariati, all the way from Kenya. I am a postgraduate student at the University of Surrey undertaking Msc Energy Economics and Policy. Welcome to my blog; and lets see this year together. Reminder about the upcoming webinar; remember to register and get as much more information as possible on studying in UK and at Surrey.