So, Why Surrey?

Hey guys.

It’s that time of year where every college kid is freaking out over exams. I was there once before so I knew that feeling (even more so since I took the IB!). But at the same time, it’s made a little more horrifying considering you have to make a life decision: where you’d want to pursue your degree.

So I’m going to try to make things easier for you and let you in on 3 why’s of me deciding on the University of Surrey. This is going to be a list of reasons besides the fact that it has a top, accredited Psychology program.


Being an international student, I wasn’t able to see and experience the campus. This was an important part for me in considering my uni options. I didn’t want a place that was ‘too city’ and also didn’t want a place that was in the middle of nowhere. So Surrey was perfect! It’s 30ish mins to London but is also a small town that has all you would need. The only access to the campus vibes I had were Google and the university prospectus book. However, this was more than enough. I had pictures and videos of the uni and could really get a sense of how living there would be. You guys should totally check out The Stag TV, a youtube channel that’s linked to the university. I loved their accommodation tours!


Now the next reason has a little more something to do with my degree program. The University of Surrey has a placement year option, Psychology included. The placement year is a chance for undergrad students to have a year of experience in their field. You can apply anywhere in the world since the university has many affiliations! It would be after the 2nd year of study, before approaching your final year. I like the flexibility of it too. Just because you originally enrolled as a 3 year student, you can still choose the 4 year option.


Lastly, the Surrey Sports Park! I’m a big fan of different kinds of sports and knowing that the uni had its own sports park really revved me up. Especially knowing that university students get a special membership price. It has all the gym equipments you would need, fitness classes like Zumba and Pilates, an indoor swimming pool, and even a rock climbing area. It’s great honestly, and super close to the university too!


So I guess that’s some of the perks of going to the university. You can get all the statistics about how amazing the uni is, but here were just some of my personal reasons why University of Surrey was my university of choice <3


Talk to you later,