Don’t worry, be healthy!

Hi, I’m Aleks and I study Biochemistry at the University of Surrey. It’s my fifth and final year of the course, with an exciting project set out for me for the upcoming semester. I will be working alongside my lovely mentor and supervisor Natalie Riddell investigating effects of the endocrine system on immunometabolism. Before you […]

Could a shark antibody improve haemophilia A treatment

Haemophilia A is a bleeding disorder occurring primarily in men (sorry lads), as it is linked to mutations in the X chromosome. The mutation itself impairs the expression of Factor VIII (FVIII), which is essential for proper clotting. Unfortunately, people with impaired factor VIII function or expression tend to experience uncontrolled bleeding episodes – this […]

Could your birth weight determine your future health?

What if your birth weight could be used as a marker for your life expectancy, and immediately upon birth, a doctor could tell your parents whether you would have a high risk of experiencing a heart attack in your 40s or not? Would you be more careful with your health, having check-ups more often, exercising […]

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