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Undertaking a Placement Abroad

Taking a placement overseas is certainly an exciting experience, which brings many opportunities to explore new places and meet new people.   It can also be somewhat daunting.   You may find yourself struggling with the lifestyle and culture in a different country, which can lead to a feeling of isolation. Have a look at the Expat […]

Mike Verstage shares his experience as a placement tutor

Visiting students on placement is an opportunity to really get to know them and see how they apply their knowledge and skills in a working environment. I see my role as principally to help them recognise and articulate these skills. The more obvious “hard skills” are easy to identify, such as improvements in using Excel. […]

Stay snow alert

The weather forecast over the next 48 hours highlights a risk of some snow flurries that could affect parts of the South East tonight and tomorrow. The campus is open as normal and we do not anticipate any particular issues based on the current forecast. Grounds staff will be gritting the estate in preparation for […]

Grow your business

Have you identified your target market for a business idea? Do you want to grow your venture? The Wates Family Enterprise Trust is offering a £25,000 funding pot to help new businesses to get off the ground. Experienced mentors will help you to develop your business model and help you to prepare and practise your […]

Degree Classifications – Why are more students gaining ‘good’ degrees?

Just before Christmas the Office for Students [OfS] published a report that showed marked increases over the last decade in the proportions of first-class and ‘good’ degrees awarded by universities in the UK and internationally; Surrey was highlighted as one of those where the increase has been particularly striking.  The report has stimulated widespread public […]

Holocaust Memorial Day

HMD is for everyone and each year across the UK, thousands of people come together to learn more about the past and take action to create a safer future.   HMD evening event On Monday 28 January the University of Surrey and the Students’ Union will jointly host an evening event open to staff, students […]

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