Preparing to take your exam – Exam Rules!

Before your exam

Check your timetable
Then check it again. If you have any questions, ask them before your exam. Unsure who to ask? You can contact the Students’ Union on

Find the room
Make sure the room you’re heading to is really the one you need – don’t guess. If you are unsure where the room is, take a trip a few days before to find it. Still not sure? Ask your Faculty Student Services.


On the day

Leave enough time
Buses, trains, traffic in Guildford. We know. Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your exam.

Remember your ID
You can’t sit your exam without it. If you arrive on campus without it, you can get a temporary one from the Student Services Centre.

Leave any ‘unauthorised materials’ at home 
If you are found to have something deemed to be ‘unauthorised’ on your person during an exam. this could be classed as Exam Misconduct and it’s likely you will have to attend an Academic Misconduct panel as a result.

Check your phone
If you can help it, do not have your phone on your person. Place it in your bag and leave this in the allocated area, ensuring it is off!

Listen to the invigilator
They will remind you of all the important information at the start of the exam and can answer your questions during, before and after the exams.