Sustainable Surrey

The need for a cup charge

In a bid to reduce waste and to become more sustainable, catering outlets across campus have now introduced a 5p charge on coffee single-use cups. Since then, the campaign has had massive success: in just 3 weeks, sales of drinks in reusable cups increased by 28% and over 7,722 cups have been saved!

“The push to get students to bring their own coffee cups to the café has been a huge success. It’s creating the kind of positive cultural change that we need to become a more sustainable society. I hope the rest of the university follows this example, and I’m excited to see what happens!”

Nick Werren, Secretary of People and Planet Society


Beyond the charge

The charge not only helps the environment but other causes too. All of its proceeds will go to Shooting Star Chase and Oakleaf, which have been chosen as this year’s RAG charities.

So, if you want to be sustainable, next time you have your coffee on campus, use a reusable cup or opt to have your drink in a china cup.