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This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

Master’s internship programme


The Lake <3

Hello everyone,

Looking out my window on this rather gloomy day I thought I might share with you a few thoughts with you guys regarding the fact we are almost and adults and we will be starting the 9-5 life soon. Yes, I know we were adults the moment we turned 18, some of us even earlier. With each passing day our responsibilities and obligations increase, we pay more attention our finances and seek more meaningful relationships but, I’m still surprised at how quickly time flew.

Now we are at the final institution before the real world, University!  It is important we choose the right place to participate in the whole experience because trust me after my undergraduate placement year coming back to Uni was a pain, I wasn’t sure where I was headed and I changed my career path more than once. The great thing about studying at Surrey is how much career support they offer. Upon starting my course I was offered an internship module although I will not be doing my internship as part of my module I received a lot of help with finding a good internship which would help my dissertation project on social enterprises in Africa. Horray!! last week I contacted by AFFORD Diaspora Finance UK  and it looks like I’m about to start an exciting experience.

If possible I recommend you do a placement no matter how short or long you will gain a lot of transferable skills and make key connections within the industry. Who know’s they may offer you a great job after your studies ;D.

God bless,

Nana x

Tolu’s latest post

Hey Friends,


I hope your week has been going well and not too busy so far?


So today’s blog is about the students’ union. So I recently realized that a lot of people do not even know who they are, where their office is and what they do. It is important for potential and current student to understand what they do.


Location: The students’ union office is located in the same building as the Rubix nightclub, and is easily accessible.


Who they are: The University students’ union is a non-for-profit charity, which represents students on a local and national level. The union is led by 5 full time sabbatical officers, as well as 21 part time student officers. Every student is by default a member of the union.


What they do: So the union is split into four zones; Voice, Activity, Support, and Community. Each zone is led by a full time officer. I’ll briefly explain what the four zones do:


The Voice Zone- They are responsible for finding out students opinions on different issues that have an impact on student life at the university. The voice zone works alongside course representative for each faculty and level. Additionally, they provide support for students who are interested in raising awareness about the causes that they are passionate about. For example if a group of student decides to raise awareness on breast cancer or on world mental health day, they would have to speak to the voice zone about this. The VP Voice for 2016/2017 is Tai Ademola.


The Activity Zone: They are responsible for helping students increase their participation in extra-curricular activities without any barriers, such as being involved in sports clubs & societies. The university participates in the Duke Edinburgh Award programme and other running activities that students can get involved in. Additionally, students interested in starting up a new society will have to speak to VP activity of how to go about it. The VP Activity for 2016/2017 is Becky Ibbotson.


The Support Zone: The basically oversee the welfare of students (academic support, wellbeing support, training and development). The support zones also ensure that the Union has student support in mind, in all its activities. They support students with wellbeing campaigns and ensure that feedbacks given by students are acted upon accordingly. The VP Support for 2016/2017 is Koyin Akinsiku.


The Community Zone: They are responsible for bringing student community together. This is done by, integrating the student community into the local community, and ensuring that there are volunteering opportunities available for students. They are the ones to speak to if a society wants to raise money for charity, and not sure of what exact charity. They will be more than happy to help out. The VP Community for 2016/2017 is Saskia Cochrane.


The union is available to all students, and it’s important to make the most use of them. I hope you all enjoyed today’s blogged and you found it useful.


See you all next week xx


PS: Let love be the lodestar of your life


What and Where I’ve Been Up To!

*Blows dust off blog*

Oh my, it’s been a while, guys! Happy New Year and Happy February everyone! Yes, I said that, better late than never, right? Hope you’re all doing very well and haven’t broken all your resolutions yet. *side eye*

Last time I was here was December; we were all getting ready for the Christmas holiday and in some way exams as well, to be honest. Anyway, all that’s over now, what have you been up to? Me, I went to Birmingham to chill off after exams, it was a short trip but I just needed to get out of Guildford for a while. I met up with a friend of mine and got a bit touristy there since I hadn’t been in years. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

The Cube Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I must say, I’m getting better at my photography game, aren’t I? I got to try out Byron, their burgers are amazing! I got the sweet potato fries from GBK tho cause I needed that baconnaise dip (it gives me so much life). I had the Oreo milkshake = BLISS.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset fullsizerender

My friend and I tried out Bar Estilo, and had this paella. In my opinion, the portion was quite small for two (probably cause I can eat for two ) but it tasted really good.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Anddddd….I baked some Oreo brownies 🙂 You can probably tell by now how much I love Oreos.

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University wise, I’d just like to mention that there’s going to be a Refreshers Fayre on Friday the 10th of February on PATS Field. This is an opportunity to check out and join clubs/societies you’re interested in. There are over a 100 to discover ranging from Women’s Engineering Society (WES), African-Caribbean Society (ACS), TEDx, Running and Athletics and much more. It is an exciting opportunity to speak to the committee members to find out what they offer as a society, what you would benefit as a member and who knows, you could probably love it so much that you may decide to join the committee next year!

I love engaging in these extracurricular activities because they give me a break from my academics. I get to develop myself in other ways which I feel is very important and would definitely advise anyone to get involved. Your engagement in these societies could also boost your CV. Most employers look out for individuals who possess a variety of skills so, showing an interest in other fields apart from just your university course is an added bonus. You get to make new friends, learn new skills, participate in different events/activities, they increase your employability, it’s a win-win situation here, go for it and thank me later!

That’s all I have for today everyone, take care and see you next week!

Theresa xx

Tolu’s Final year



I hope everyone is doing well, and having a good week?


I know I know it’s been a while…. But no one prepared me well for this final year journey. It’s truly been a journey so far, but I’m learning to enjoy the process. They way my workload increased ehhh I can’t even explain, so that’s why I have been mute.


So what have learned so far in my final year? I am now in my final semester as an undergraduate, and I really cannot believe in about 4-5 months time I will be a graduate *screaming* I really cannot explain how I feel at the moment, but as I said earlier I am trying to make the most out of the process.


Going back to the topic at hand. I know everyone says this, and I know it has become like a song in everyone’s ears but having a planned out schedule for each day helps a lot. Although, sometimes life happens and you end up not following the schedule strictly but knowing that you have one truly does help! Secondly, I have learnt that it is my final year and I need to still make lasting memories. This was difficult to execute at first, because I was like ‘this is my final year and I need to work really hard and stay focused’ but please it’s not that deep if I’m honest with you. So now, I make out time to catch up with friends, relax as much as I can and have fun as well as work hard. This has been useful and so helpful in different ways.


Lastly, I know no one prepares you well enough for the final year “journey” but it is important to figure out what works best for you. If studying every minute works well for you, then go for it and if taking regular breaks works well for you, also go for it. In the end…. Everyone will still get to where they need to be in life, so don’t compare yourself to another person.


Enjoy the rest of your week/ weekend J


Tolu xx


P.S. : You cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it.

How to get a part-time job.


After all the excitement of the new year died out, I noticed that my bank account balance had died along with all the new year resolutions I made :.(  Who knew joining the FitFam would cost so much! Although the Surrey Sports Park is offering a 6 month membership with over 30% savings Click Here and Unidays has a few sales on Click Here.

Surrey Sports Park Gym

Surrey Sports Park Gym

I knew I had to get a  job if I wanted to be comfortable this semester and with the economic crisis in Nigeria not looking like it’s going to end anytime soon, I’m really feeling the pinch in my pockets. UNITEMPS  and e4s to the rescue!!! Don’t get me wrong Guildford is blessed with an abundance of part-time jobs in its town centre but, with a 20hr work limit and rigorous university timetable it may be  hard to find a job that really fits around your schedule. This is what makes UNITEMPS so amazing, it’s a recruitment agency for students which provides temporary jobs on campus and in the local community. So I applied for a job last week and the Careers service at the University helped fine tune my CV and I just found out that my job application has been successful.  Looks like I might be balling this weekend.

God bless,


33°C to 3°C


Kumasi, Ghana


Guildford, UK

Hello, everyone!

Back to the miserable English weather 🙁 If you’re feeling a little homesick you aren’t alone, with deadlines looming ahead now is not the time to be feeling low but not to worry I’m here to cheer you up.

After spending three beautiful weeks in the motherland with my friends and family returning to University felt daunting so the 1st thing I did was update Spotify playlist with the latest jams…. Ohema by Mr. Eazi, Mad over you by Runtown, Pree me by Burna Boy- I have them on REPEAT. Next, cook a massive pot of yam porridge or your comfort food of choice because what better way to liven your spirits than with some homemade goodies *don’t forget the Thursday food Market, there’s some amazing J-rice at the SU!*

I know you have exams and coursework to study for but, arrange to meet up with your friends, take a walk, go ice-skating at The Guildford Spectrum and re-familiarise yourself with your surroundings don’t stay at home reminiscing about your holiday. Go and make new memories for 2017.

God Bless,



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