Surrey meets Nigeria

This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

Trip to Wales…again!

Hey there. Hope everyone’s good. I’m not. Sadly, I came down with a very bad cold and feel horrible. All I really want to do is stay in bed all day, but unfortunately, responsibilities call. Anyway, I had a pretty exciting weekend. You might recall in one of my previous posts about charity week, I […]

End of Semester 1

Hi there. Hope everyone’s good. I know I am. I had a good week. I mentioned on my last post that I had a few presentations coming up. They were good thank God. My group actually came 2nd out of 32 in the oral presentations. It was nice to see all of our hard work […]


Hey there. So on my last post, I said I’d blog about the extra support available to students during exams. Finding a study space in the library during exams can be very difficult if you go during regular (normal people) hours. So the university has helped create the Library+ for additional study spaces. It’s located […]

Winter Wonderland

Hey there. Hope everyone’s good. It’s that time of the year again. You can almost feel the anxiety and stress in the air when walking around campus. Lol I’m being slightly dramatic. Or am I? Exam Season. Fun ☹ Well the University officially resumed for Christmas break last week. Usually, the first week back is […]

Happy Holidays

Hey there! Hope everyone’s good. How’s everyone enjoying the Christmas Break? Any New Years’ Resolutions? Personally, I never do resolutions because I’d probably never stick to it lol. The break is quickly drawing to an end (unfortunately), meaning exams are right around the corner. I’d love to say I’ve been chilling this whole time but […]

Target Practice

Hi there! Hope everyone’s good? Deadline season is still in full swing and I’m officially nocturnal. The combination of long hours in the library (all-nighters anyone?) and shortened daylight hours means the amount of sunlight I actually get is very low (non-existent). (To be fair this is the season of constant rain and gloomy skies, […]

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