Surrey meets Nigeria

This blog covers the highs and lows of living life as a Nigerian student at the University of Surrey!

No Mobile Phones Please! Exams in Progress

Hello Everyone, Welcome to 2020. Yaaaaaay! 💃 It’s been a while and my diary feels dusty…(wipes diary). You know that feeling you get when you draw out personal and academic plans with specific deadlines for the new year, and you’ve been trying to keep up with those plans?  That’s how I feel now … What […]

My First Week at the University – Welcome Week

Hello! Welcome back to my diary. Hope you are keeping well. I am doing well…thank you for asking. 😊 It was the fresher’s welcome week with lots of activities on-campus. These activities included faculty information sessions, quiz competitions, games evening, freshers’ fair and of course loads of goody bags to take home. I had the […]

Introducing Me…

Hello everyone, Welcome to my diary as a postgraduate student at the University of Surrey. I will be sharing with you my experiences as a student and bringing insights into various activities and events that take place at the university. First off, let me introduce myself.   My name is Adenike Adewuni. I am a first-year PhD […]

The Hive

Hey there. Long-time no blog. March is that period when everything gets a bit mad and I’ve been trying to keep on top of things. Hope everyone’s good? Things have slowed down a little bit around uni since the Easter break started on Monday. The month-long holiday gives exhausted students a moment to relax and […]

University of Surrey Students’ Union

Hey there. Hope everyone’s good. It has been two weeks since Surrey Decides. The two-week long election process where students get to nominate and vote for who we want as representatives in the Students’ Union. The University of Surrey Students’ Union is a student-run organization that represents the student body both on a local and […]

A day in London

Hey there. Hope everyone’s good. Still recovering from the flu but I’m feeling a lot better now. Can you believe February is almost over?! How is time flying by so quickly? On the bright side, it seems winter is finally retreating, and spring is on its way. The days are starting to get sunnier and […]

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