From Pakistan to Surrey

Hear the perspectives of a current Pakistani student.

A Trip To Scottish Highlands

Hi all,

The first term came to an end and it was the best time of the year, the holiday season!As the Christmas break started, I had planned a trip to Scotland with some of my friends. We had planned to travel just before Christmas as i had exams starting just after my Christmas break and had to start revising obviously because it kept bugging me.

A Look into University Accommodation

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. This week i am going to look into the accommodation options at our beautiful university campus here. As i mentioned in my last blog, I live in Cathedral Court at the stag hill campus which is almost just 2 minutes away from the library. The university accommodation is divided into 6 different bands ranging from Band A to Band F. I live in a Band C accommodation where i am living in flat with 6 other people of different nationalities. Its a wonderful experience to share and learn about different people and it helps to grow us a lot.

My Journey to UK from Pakistan

Hello Everyone! I am Ahsan Ilyas and I am currently doing my Masters in Mobile and Satellite Communications at the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I was born and raised in Karachi and spent there about 19 years of my life before moving to Malaysia for pursuing my undergraduate in Electronic and Communications Engineering.  I’m a very happy going Pakistani student here not just to study but make more friends and explore this side of the world. I will be in contact with all you directly as well as with my blogs.


The first term came to an end and it was the best time of the year, the holiday season! As the Christmas break started, like everyone, I was eager to visit home. Most of my friends had already left; some went home while others went for vacation. I had made my plans to travel after a week to experience the holidays here. Going back home and meeting my parents after 3 months was amazing but the thought of final exams right after reopening of school kept bugging me. I had prepared a strict schedule allocating sufficient time to study but also be able to enjoy at the same time. That never happened! I couldn’t actually study as much as I had planned – but it was worth it!

Winter, rain and a changed me!


Hello Surrey’s blog readers! Hope you’re all keeping warm in this cold. I’m having a great time here at Surrey, trying my best to negotiate with this weather which I am told will get even colder. I wanted to share my thoughts on winter, and rain in specific, and how it has made me more organized.

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