Surrey meets Pakistan

Hear the perspectives of a current Pakistani student

Thursday Market!

It’s been 3 years at the University of Surrey now and Thursday’s remain as my favourite day of the week. A big reason behind this is the Thursday market at the university. The market really is a special place for everyone in the university. As we approach the end of the week and can’t wait […]


I welcome you all to my first blog ever! I am going to try my best to make you experience surrey on your screens. So I’ll start with my first few days in Surrey. So after my long haul flight of 7 hrs I finally arrived at Heathrow in London, one of the two airports […]

A Little About the Town!

While looking at the universities what are the primary factors that we all usually consider? I believe factors like university ranking, campus building, facilities on the campus, location etc. play an important part when it comes to choosing a university to study in. Personally, for me location was one of the major considerations while looking […]

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