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Tightening Le Touquet and the second-order effects of Brexit

Today’s visit to London by President Macron is important on a number of levels, not least for triggering the long-overdue debate about whether King Harold would have been a Brexiter. If the loaning of the Bayeux Tapestry is something of a sideshow, then it also speaks the overly febrile nature of British political debate that […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to December

It’s nearly the end of the year, so as a present for you, I offer up the final updates on Article 50, including today’s draft mandate proposal from the Commission. The European Council meeting a couple of weeks ago was a big step forward and generally increases the chances of a deal being reached. Importantly, there […]

On being open (or closed)

As we await the verdict of tomorrow’s European Council on the move to Phase 2, it’s perhaps useful to reflect on the decision-making style of Theresa May. Last night provided a vivid illustration of this, with the amendment to the Withdrawal Bill, which provides Parliament with a vote on the final deal. We might discuss […]

Brexit silver (dead)lining playbook

Sometimes one has the impression that everyone involved in European politics is a big fan of Douglas Adams: certainly, as far as Article 50 goes, each new day brings absurdity piled upon absurdity. The last week has made this point better than most, with the sudden rush to agreement on Monday then brutally undercut and […]

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