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Running down the clock as a strategy in Article 50

As we all wait with baited breath – possibly – for Theresa May’s Florence speech, I’d like to explore one aspect of Article 50 that’s been visible but somewhat under-considered: the time constraint. Having talked with various people in Brussels and London in recent weeks, I’ve been struck by how time is seen both as […]

Rohingya “terrorists” and the hierarchies of legitimate resistance in Myanmar

Last week, militants staged a series of attacks in Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine region. Armed with machetes, sticks, improvised explosive devices and a few small firearms about 150 men raided 30 police posts and one army base in the early hours of 25 August. They killed 10 policemen, one army soldier and one state official. At […]

Probably, shading to possibly: the chances of a Brexit deal

I’m in Brussels this week, getting a practitioner counterpoint to last week’s academic reflections on the whole Brexit business. While it’s reassuring to see that the two views are not so different, it is not an inspiring picture and it invites an obvious question about whether Article 50 is going to get to a deal […]

Article 50 infographics – updated to early September

After a summer break, I’ve now updated my set of infographics on Article 50, to reflect the most recent developments. If note is the production of more British position papers, even as the government continues to provide conflicting statements about the direction of the process, and progress on Phase I has been very limited, making […]

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