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New paper: Back to the future… Nostalgia increases optimism

A new paper co-authored by Dr Erica Hepper and international collaborators suggests that recalling nostalgic memories can make people more optimistic about their future. Nostalgia is the bittersweet emotion that arises when we reflect on fond, personally meaningful memories from our past – usually through the fogiving lens of rose-tinted spectacles. Feeling nostalgic tends to be at […]

MSc Courses at Surrey: Environmental Psychology

Environmental psychology is the study of how individuals and groups respond to various types of environment, such as: urban, natural or social; as well as different types of environmental situations, for example: the home, neighbourhood and commercial centres. In addition, it looks at how people might go about changing certain environments to suit their needs. […]

2013 graduate wins Experimental Psychology Society / British Science Association Undergraduate Project Prize

Congratulations to Punit Shah, who graduated from Surrey with a 4-year BSc Psychology degree in July 2013. He has won the Experimental Psychology Society / British Science Association Undergraduate Project Prize in Psychology, for his final year research project “A realistic view of unrealistic optimism”. Punit’s dissertation was supervised by Dr Caroline Catmur. This is […]

Cigarette boxes and advertising: Research by Surrey academics supports plain packaging

Approximately 100 000 people die from a smoking-related illness every year in the UK.  In 2012 the UK government launched a consultation on the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes, which met with high level of public support.  However, ministers have yet to make a decision about whether or not to enforce plain packaging.  Health campaigners are […]

New paper: Understanding and treatment of anorexia nervosa

What impact will the new DSM-5 have on the diagnosis and treatment of anorexia nervosa? A new paper by Sam Spedding and Martin Milton addresses this issue from a post-structuralist perspective. The paper, entitled ‘The body, the book and the organisation: Towards a post-structuralist understanding of anorexia nervosa and its treatment in a clinical setting,’ is published […]

Dr Zoe Wimshurst, School of Psychology Alumni

The latest in the series of profiles of current students, alumni, and staff in the School of Psychology at Surrey. Amelia Hollywood (Research Fellow) interviewed Zoe Wimshurst (Lecturer at Southampton Solent University and Director of Performance Vision Ltd) for the School of Psychology Blog: University of Surrey Psychology Alumni – Where are they now? • What course did […]

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