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Research Seminar: Thursday 12th November

From Psychological Moments to Mortality A Multidisciplinary Synthesis on Vagal Function The National Institute of Mental Health is now presenting affective disorders like major depression and generalised anxiety disorder as brain disorders. But are they? I will present findings that colleagues and I have published over the last 5 years, highlighting the adverse impact of […]

Research Seminar: Tuesday 10th November

Children’s understanding of biology: ideas about the human body, life and death, nutrition and physical activity Research on conceptual development indicates that children have rich knowledge of biological concepts and construct ‘naïve’ theories that they use to reason about biological phenomena. Studies on children’s understanding of biology suggest that, from an early age, children have […]

Symposium explores risks and benefits of nature

When is nature healing and when is it scary? On Wednesday 11 June, members of the School of Psychology’s Environmental Psychology Research Centre (EPRC) explored ideas of the natural world as both a healing place and a scary space. Birgitta Gatersleben, Eleanor Ratcliffe, and David Uzzell spoke at a symposium on risk and restoration in nature, […]

BPS Wessex Branch Student Conference a great success

The British Psychological Society Wessex Branch Student Conference 2014 was hosted by the University of Surrey recently, organised by Dr Adrian Banks. This was a brilliant day of stimulating presentations and posters showcasing some of the excellent work conducted by undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology students in the Wessex region. Surrey students achieved two prizes with Erin Brennan, […]

New project to explore how students receive and use feedback

How can we encourage students to benefit the most from the feedback they receive in the course of their studies? This is a hotly debated topic, and Dr Naomi Winstone and Dr Rob Nash have secured funding from the Higher Education Academy to explore the issues and identify steps forward. Project summary: Much research and […]

Psychology students star in Oklahoma! 19-22 March

Five of our Psychology undergraduates are appearing in the University Musical Theatre Society’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! between Wednesday 19th – Saturday 22nd March. Amy Billington and Danielle Kerley (pictured below) are playing the lead female roles Aunt Eller and Laurey, and Georgia Derbyshire, Beth Griffiths and Andrew Steele are core members of the chorus. […]

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