From Russia to Surrey

Stories from a Russian student at Surrey

Why did I choose my course?

Hi guys,

Today I’d like to tell you a bit more about why I have chosen my course and what’s different about it, comparing to other courses on offer.

As you all know already, I am a first year student, doing Media Studies with German. This is a major/minor degree, which means that the main concentration falls onto Media in my case (my major subject) and less concentration on German. I simply have more media modules, however, German still requires hard work and I find out so many new exciting things in both subjects.

I have always been passionate about languages, however, never wanted to make them my main focus.That’s why finding a major/minor degree like the one I am doing was absolutely great! One of the main reasons why I have chosen Surrey Uni in the end, actually. Another great aspect of doing this degree is because you get to meet people from both departments, Media is under the department of sociology whereas German is under Languages, both in FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). More lectures from different backgrounds, more people of different interests, what can be bad about doing a major/minor degree?

Major/minor degrees give you a wide scope on the subjects of your study. I understand that my knowledge won’t be as deep and specialised as it would be if I was doing a usual one subject degree but I, personally, see this as a motivation to carry on with studies and go into further education, do a masters degree. I believe that this opportunity and experience of combining subjects are very valuable and much appreciated by many Surrey students, other universities barely offer such degree.

Another reason to come to Surrey and see what and how wonderful things happen here!! 🙂

Reading week trip to Nuremberg🇩🇪😍

Hi, guys!

So exams are over and everyone’s relaxed. I know this is a bit too late since this happened almost a month ago but I thought I’d still share some exciting stories with you.

For the reading week, students have two options – either stay at uni or go home. If you choose to stay in the university, you can simply carry on with day-to-day uni life, however, there are no lectures taking place. Reading week is designed as a sort of little holiday in between exam weeks and a start of Semester 2. Reading week is also a great opportunity to both catch up on your ‘old’ readings as well as start some new ones for the next semester.

I thought I would take an advantage of the reading week and make the most of it. Since I do not see my family very often I had decided to see my mum but since I am very passionate about travelling as well I thought I could combine both. I decided to go to Nuremberg and it was absolutely amazing!!

I loved exploring the new city that I had never been to before (and I am in love with Germany just in general). The very famous world’s biggest toy trade fair/toy exhibition was also taking place there during the time and I could not misss the opportunity to visit it! It was a great and very enjoyable experience to explore different companies and their brand lines as well as meet sooooo many new people!!

I came back to university very happy and ready for a fresh start 🙂

I’m back after exams!!

Hi guys!

It’s been a while and I’m sorry about being so silent recently! So many things have been happening in my life and I can’t wait to share them all with you! Where shall I start…

Exam period! As soon as we got back to uni after Christmas holidays we all felt a bit nervous and worried because our first university exams were about to start. What are they gonna be like? What to expect? I was really worried in-between doing some intense revision. To be honest, there is nothing to worry about as long as you know what you’re going to be tested on. University exams are not much different to the school ones.

As soon as the exam period had finished everyone went out to celebrate and enjoy usual nights out in our favourite night club on campus – Rubix. That was definitely a great relief and sort of a reward after exams. Nevertheless, in three weeks time we felt again…. Tension, silence, stress. Three weeks later the exam results were to be announced. So long awaited results to know whether people got their places in exchange programmes, placements, integrated masters degrees and so on, not to mention summer resits. I was actually quite pleased with my own results, especially because now I know what’s it like to sit exams at a university level and what to expect from them in the future.

So happy they’re over now!

Hope you guys are doing well and exams went well for you if you had any. Not too long left until your final ones and university life woohooo!!

Christmas in Russia

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

Home! I am finally home! This is the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind when we go back home for Christmas break. Everyone is so happy to see their families but then the realisation that you have another three weeks at home comes What now? What to do at home? It feels so oddly calm and quiet, something a university student normally is not used to. Spending time with your family and seeing old friends is amazing, however I still miss university (obviously not the work or assignments).

In Russia, we don’t celebrate Catholic Christmas but this is the day when you start realising how internationally-orientated/socialised university makes you as you start sending “Merry Christmas!” messages to most of your friends from university as well as receiving them. It’s quite entertaining once you start feeling all Christmassy and get into this holiday spirit properly.

Moscow looks totally beautiful this days withal the New Year’s decorations and numerous Christmas trees around the whole city and all the shopping malls etc. I enjoy getting presents for my family and friends, maybe even more than receiving them. The key part for me is wrapping them nicely and making them look perfect. How exciting!

What is quite special about my home country and home city, I feel, is the snow. It has been snowing quite a lot since the day I came back. It is an inexpressible feeling and unbearable beauty of the snow and millions of huge snowflakes when you wake up in the morning and look out of the window or go outside later. We have so many ice-skating rinks all around Moscow that have been beautifully decorated and this is another unforgettable experience worth trying during winter time.

I hope you are all having an incredible time with your families and friends! Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy! 🎄✨🍊🎇🎊🎁🎉

Last 2 weeks before Christmas holidays🎄💫🎊

Hello everyone!

Can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks in uni now and Christmas is nearly here! Last couple of weeks in uni are the most fun ones yet the the most stressful ones for some. With lots of exciting entertainment-events happening on and off campus, there are deadlines building up.

The Union has organised a competition “Best Xmas-Decorated kitchen”  and it was very exciting to see how creative people were with their decorations. Everyone tried to keep their budget quite low so some people ended up wrapping their entire kitchen in Christmassy wrapping paper.  Others used fake snow, tinsel and Christmas lights. Prize for the winners was a whole flat Christmas dinner.

Winter Fest took place on the 14th of December in a marquee by the Cathedral. It was open to all staff and students. The event included guaranteed snow and free glitter face painting, live entertainment including The University of Surrey Big Band, The Musical Theatre Society, and The Vet School Choir, Christmas Market with over 20 stalls selling everything from delicious Christmas cakes and beautiful candles, to fused glass jewellery and heated indoor slippers, hot food vans, opportunity to enjoy some spiced cider, mulled wine and mince pies, Steve the Stag, festive photo booth.
Last week introduced two unforgettable rubix events – SU Snow Citrus Takeover and Flirt! Christmas party. The stage was properly decorated with Christmassy stuff as well as Christmas trees and a Santa, sitting on a bench, taking pictures with anyone who came up on the stage. Music was absolutely amazing too and it was fascinating to see people’s costumes for both Friday and Wednesday nights. No doubt, Christmas atmosphere is going to last for another couple of weeks until actual Christmas!

People now start to leave university for Christmas and it feels a bit odd for some. Where has all the time gone?! Feels like freshers week was just yesterday! Anyway, we are all really looking forward to coming back although it is going to be  exam time almost as soon as we come back but there are still so many intriguing events to come!

Hope you are all having a wonderful time at home with your families and friends! Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year!🎄✨💫🎊🎁

Until next time!


From College to University…

Hi guys!

My name is Daria and I’m going to try to tell you as much about university life as possible on a weekly basis so that you could get a perfect feel of what it’s like to be here in the University of Surrey.🙂

So where do I even start?  I’ve been living here in England for the past 5 years, completed my GCSE’s & A-levels in a boarding school/college, so i did have an experience of living on campus around other people from all over the world, however, I was still feeling a bit nervous about such a big change and a completely new environment. Moving to University seems to be very stressful and even scary when you think about it.

The reality is, there is nothing to worry about!😊 I met the most welcoming people and my moving in day did not even feel like this was something new or stressful. I have to say, it went way beyond my expectations! In Surrey uni you will get any help you could possibly need in terms of finding answers to your questions, being directed to places around campus when you get lost, sorting out any problems you might have, etc. There is always someone to talk to – whether it’s a student, a peer mentor, a lecturer, an ambassador and so on. The settling in process for me was very smooth and enjoyable.

My main advise would be, do not hesitate to ask any questions you have and just talk to people around you. Most of them are new too and you will be pleasantly surprised by how friendly and willing to help everyone is.

I hope you are looking forward to coming to the University of Surrey soon! I will try too cover both positive and negative aspects of university life and hopefully help you to make up your mind on whether it’s worth coming to Surrey or not (it really is worth it!)  because as you might have seen on prospectus/brochures – “Wonderful things happen here!” and they really do!✨☀️

Until next week!😌

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