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What we can do for you on social media

Want to showcase yourself or your department on social media, but don’t have a huge following of your own? Well we’re here to help! We love being able to collaborate with our colleagues across the university and use the university social media channels to showcase what is happening at Surrey and the amazing work that is being produced. Here are some examples of how we’ve collaborated in the past to give you a flavour of what we could do for you…..

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is exactly what it says on the tin – a live video streamed directly to Facebook. This might sound a bit daunting so it’s not for the camera shy! But if you’re feeling confident this can be a lot of fun to do, and it’s a quick and easy way for you to communicate your research to a wide audience. We’ve tried a couple of styles in the past, for example we’ve used an interview format with academics such as Dr Suze Kundu, Professor Jim Al-Khalili and Professor Alf Adams. Here’s our FEPS Marketing Manager Mark Richardson and Jim Al-Khalili in action:

Social Media and the Rise of Fake News

Fake News and Social Media – Can false stories online affect our reality?

You may have noticed that the term ‘fake news’ seems to be cropping up more and more frequently; particularly with regards to the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to be named President of the US. But what is fake news? Who publishes it? How can you tell fake news from news that is true? And are there real-life consequences for spreading these false stories?

Firstly, let’s explore what constitutes fake news. Amol Rajan, media editor for BBC News, cites 3 different types of fake news in relation to the presidential election:

5 approaches to making your social media content irresistibly clickable


Posting on social media can be tough. You can spend hours creating the perfect blog post or article, you share it on social media… only to have no one click on it.

It’s essential to ensure that your audience is front of mind, both when deciding on the topic of your post and when writing the social media post itself. Your audience are almost definitely time-poor, so you need to do everything you can to capture their attention in the increasingly busy social media space.

Here are a few ideas to help make your content more clickable.

New year, new features: January Social Media Roundup

And so a new year begins in the world of social media! The first month of 2017 has brought some exciting updates, including the continuation of social’s fixation on video and ephemeral features. Read on to learn more!

Snapchat – Another acquisition, new search bar and new advertising options for brands

In preparation for their upcoming IPO, Snapchat have now been valued at $25b, and are rumoured to be in the process of acquiring another company. Cimagine is an augmented commerce company, which means that they ‘boost sales, personalize the shopping experience and differentiate your sales pitch by enabling users to visualize products in life-like 3D at the click of a button’. This acquisition points to Snapchat looking to extend the app’s capabilities to include both augmented reality and virtual reality.

Social Media Channel Audiences


With so many social media statistics flying around it can be hard to keep up. If you’re interested in knowing how many people use social media, who these people are and how they use it, then look no further! We’ve pulled together some of the key stats from the main social media channels.


  • Facebook remains the most used social media channel
  • 1.79 billion monthly active users (MAU)
  • Over 1 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis
  • 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online is on Facebook
  • Around 80% of online users aged 18-29 and 30-49 use Facebook
  • (more…)

Top tips for keeping up to date with social media


Social media is always changing. It’s one of the reasons I love it — there are always new features to experiment with or new channels to learn about. But this is part of the problem. It’s hard to keep on top of it all if it isn’t your full-time job.

Just a few years ago, most channels were primarily text-based. Utilising social media was just about writing some copy and potentially battling with the 140 character limit on Twitter. Snapchat was just a silly app for teens. Even the sheer volume of users and the way social is consumed has changed massively.

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