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Halloween and aesthetic tools dominate the social sphere: October Social Media Roundup

Luckily in the world of social this October, there were more treats than tricks! Read on for the latest features to hit our favourite social channels. Instagram – Polls, Go Live with friends and the 3 second zoom October saw the introduction on a host of fun new features on Instagram, especially on Stories. The […]

How to use polls on social media

Two years ago, the clever folk at Twitter rolled out an exciting new feature for their platform; polls. Polls and surveys have always been a great way for people and organisations to engage, inform and learn from their peers and followers. However, in this age of immediacy, they’ve needed to become quick and easy to […]

The students are here… now what?

So, the students have arrived. Semester One is just over a month old and things are pretty much in full swing. Chances are, students make up a significant bulk of your audience on social media and so it’s important that you engage and interact with them in order to enhance their university experience and spread […]

What is a GIF (and how do you pronounce it)!?

If you’ve used the internet recently, chances are you’ve come across a GIF. Essentially, they’re quick, soundless videos that automatically play on a loop. You may have seen them on a webpage, in an email or – most likely – on social media.  Over the past few years they’ve become an increasingly popular way for […]

Cross-posting, more characters and security concerns: September Social Media Roundup

Social media platforms have been testing out all sorts of new features on their channels this month! Read on to find out what’s been happening in the world of social. Instagram – Filters in Live, share stories with Direct and new security features Instagram Live is proving more and more popular, with top celebs like […]

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