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What is a GIF (and how do you pronounce it)!?

If you’ve used the internet recently, chances are you’ve come across a GIF. Essentially, they’re quick, soundless videos that automatically play on a loop. You may have seen them on a webpage, in an email or – most likely – on social media.  Over the past few years they’ve become an increasingly popular way for […]

Cross-posting, more characters and security concerns: September Social Media Roundup

Social media platforms have been testing out all sorts of new features on their channels this month! Read on to find out what’s been happening in the world of social. Instagram – Filters in Live, share stories with Direct and new security features Instagram Live is proving more and more popular, with top celebs like […]

Combating stagnation by creating new features: August Social Media Roundup

While August didn’t give us much in terms of sunny weather, it did ring in some new changes in the world of social media. Read on to find out more. Snapchat – New features to combat faltering growth Since going public, Snap has faced falling stock prices combined with slowing growth figures. Instagram Stories is […]

Brand new features and improvements to current tools: July Social Media Roundup

It’s been a bit quieter than usual this month – even social media professionals deserve a holiday! However, there are still a number of updates in the world of social. Read on to find out more.   Snapchat – Links and other fun new features The biggest update of the month is undoubtedly the arrival […]

New visuals and safety concerns: June Social Media Roundup

June brought a number of new features to your favourite social channels, and some have proved more controversial than others. Read on for the latest in social media news. Snapchat – Underwater Spectacles and controversial Maps June brought new Snap Inc hardware and also an in-app update in the form of the Snapchat Map feature. […]

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