Reflecting on this year!

Coming to an end of the year, it is a perfect time to take a moment to reflect and look back on some of past experiences happened throughout 12 months. Some were good and some leaves doubt to question if it was for all the best. The power of reflection allow us to prepare for next year’s resolution. A resolution that could set and guide us to achieve goals we have not been able to make it right this year or simply not repeating the same mistakes intended. I managed to take this time as an opportunity to thank for the ones who are always around and supportive. Being an international student can be exhausting at times having to adjust in different environment than back home. There will always be pressure to make the best as time is running out and choices are lacking. Throughout day to day journey, I often questioned ‘am I living in a right direction?’ and it drove me to fear for all the ‘right’ approaches I tried to  intend. Perhaps I was lucky to have those who could always believe in me. I sometimes wonder if it would have been possible to deal with minor and major issues in life. Merely, just being there for me and hearing out has been an invaluable motivation to keep me going. After looking back on this year, I can say this year has been a good one. In the end of the day, all the loved ones are around and I am here welcoming 2017.