19 students stay at Surrey due to an interaction with their Student Life Mentor

This month, the Student Life team conducted a satisfaction survey (via Survey Monkey) about Student Life Mentoring. 489 students completed this information gathering exercise and included numerous free text comments such as:

“My student mentor was an amazing mentor, I can speak for my flatmates in saying we thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to her visits. We would often talk to her for a long period of time. She always had positive things to say and provided us with many useful tips for life at university. I was extremely impressed with her as a mentor and she has definitely improved my time at university.”

Notable statistical data from this survey are as follows:

Question: Have you experienced any communal living issues whilst living in university accommodation this academic year? Examples might be messy kitchens, noisy neighbours, food theft or concerns about a housemate.
Response: 57% said yes, and of those 40% had spoken to their Mentor about the problem.

Question: Have you experienced any academic or personal challenges since starting university
Response: 56% said yes, and of those 42% had spoken to their Mentor about the challenges.

Question: Have you seriously considered leaving the university at any time this academic year
Response: Yes: 21% (101 of 487)

Question: Did the interaction with your mentor help you decide to stay at the university
Response: Yes, 19 students.

Some maths… 19 x £27,000 (3yrs fees) = £513,000

It’s great to read how well received, and how positive our Student Life Mentors are!