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Student Experience Strategy

A new student experience strategy is currently being developed in partnership with a range of professional and academic leads through the University and in partnership with USSU. Following the Education Strategy being finalised the new SES will look at four key elements of the student experience: Educational Experience – learning experience Living Experience – infrastructure, […]

Learning Through Experience Certificate

Student Life Mentors can work towards a Learning Through Experience Certificate (LTEC) during the year. The LTEC provides the opportunity for Mentors to reflect on their work as a Mentor in a structured way. This week marks the end of the presentations for the LTECs, where after writing a report or submitted a concept map, Mentors working towards […]

The Blackbullion Egg Hunt…

In order to celebrate the arrival of Spring, Student Money Housing have organised a chocolate egg hunt encouraging students to visit the various support services on campus. Every day a clue was posted on Student Service’s @surreystudent twitter account and on the frame outside the Student Services Centre. The clue would give the hiding place […]

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