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Thank you to everybody that participated in Financial Capability Week!

The Student Money Team had a successful Financial Capability campaign, with over 50 students participating in the Financial Ca- PIE- bility competition and 40+ tweets sent out over 5 days.

We also had a well-received Student Money Q&A live feed on Facebook in collaboration with the USSU – over 5,139 views to date. View the Student Money Q&A here:

The Student Money’s Mentors Workshop – Brand Vs. Non Brand Food (with the non- brand food being the winner!) can be viewed here:

If you would like more information on Financial Capability, please visit: or if you would like to read the University of Surrey’s blog post re Financial Capability Week, visit:

Thank you to all the departments that helped us with this campaign.

UUK ‘Changing the Culture’ report published.

UUK established a taskforce in November 2015 to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting students. The aim was to bring together students, university experts and external organisations to consider the current evidence, the work that universities are already doing to address these issues and what more needs to be done.The final report is here:  

A working group has developed policy/procedures to align with many of the issues contained in the report. This new policy is listed as item 22 on the Student Support policies page

A related set of recommendations was endorsed by EB on 17 Nov and will be taken forward by the group over the next 6 months.

Talk to us – we want to listen and help

“Talk to us – we want to listen and help” is the message on coasters that our Student Life Mentors have been handing out to all of our first year residential students over the past few weeks. The Cameron Grant Memorial Trust have produced coasters (personalised with Surrey contact details), to encourage students not to bottle things up – but to seek advice and support as there are lots of people/ services who want to help if students are willing to seek support.

One of our Mentors popped into the office last week and told us “I just wanted to tell you that the coasters worked! A mentee opened up to me after I gave him the coaster, and he started by saying ‘Now that I know I can talk to you…'” another Mentor told us that one of their Mentees has booked an appointment with the Centre for Wellbeing after receiving the coaster the previous week, as they were feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do. That timely conversation with the Mentor was hugely significant for that student which is excellent.

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Financial Capability Week 2016

From Monday 14th – Friday 18th November, The Student Money Team will be taking part in The Money Advice Service’s first Financial Capability Week.

The campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of financial capability.

Throughout the week the Student Money Team will use social media to help students understand the importance of budgeting and the resources available when facing financial difficulty.

The Student Money Team have also dedicated a day to particular students that may need extra financial support, i.e. care leavers, carers and mature learners.


Outlined below is the Student Money’s Financial Capability Schedule:


Monday 14th November

Student Life Mentors Money Training Workshop (only for student life mentors)


Social media theme for the day – Tips on how to eat well for less


Tuesday 15th November

Money Drop – in for Carers and Care Leavers

9 – 11am, Student Service Centre

Social media theme for the day – Useful money resources for Carers and Care Leavers


Wednesday 16th November

Financial Capability Week Facebook Livestream (this livestream will focus on Smart Shopping, Budgeting, International and USSU will be present)

4- 4.30pm, Facebook:

Social media theme for the day – General useful money links


Thursday 17th November

This day will focus on Working as Student

Social media theme for the day – General money related tips for students that work/are thinking of working during their studies


Friday 18th  November

Money Drop – in for Mature Learners

2-4pm, Student Services Centre


Student Life Mentor Video

3pm posting of the video – Student Life Mentors: Taster Test

This will be posted on the Twitter –  @SurryStudent


How do you Slice your Pie? – Winner Announced

**COMPETITION! ‘Financial Ca – PIE – bility’ **

Throughout the week students can enter a competition and win the 50th Anniversary Theo Bear.

Students will need to fill in a pie chart with what they think should be the correct amount for bills, books, clothes, food, socialising, etc.

Students will pin their pie on the noticeboard in Student Services Centre.

Social media theme for the day – Useful money resources for Mature Learners, general Student Money tweets)


For more information on Financial Capability Week click here. Or follow @FinCapStrategy #FinCapWeek

If you would like to follow Student Money’s Financial Capability campaign, follow us on Twitter via @SurreyStudent

Cutting Edge First Aid Training

Last week we were able to run a first aid workshop in conjunction with the British Red Cross, offering our student Mentors the opportunity to take part in some cutting edge interactive training. We received excellent feedback, with comments such as:

“The workshop was fantastic … It was fun but very informative and we all felt comfortable to ask questions and got a thorough explanation of anything we were unsure of … Now I keep looking around me to assess if someone needs first aid!!”

“I really enjoyed the session … We had to prepare for it with an online course which covered the basic skills and then we could focus on developing our confidence with these skills face-to-face. I would highly recommend the session: we were all given a booklet with a review of the skills to take away. The session was highly interactive…[name] and I even came up with a rap about what to do when finding someone unconscious! I definitely feel as though I could act confidently in a wide range of situations.”

It’s great to know that we have been able to provide some of our students with such life saving training this week.

Figures for Meet and Greet and International Orientation Programme

A massive thank you to all staff that helped International Student Support with the Meet and Greet and the International Orientation Programme.

Below are some figures you may find useful from both events:


Meet and Greet Event

We had 570 students, 30 parents, 40 student helpers and 15 staff helpers.


International Orientation Programme

We had 300 students attend the International Welcome Dinner and approximately 150 – 200 students for the day trips.


On Wednesday 26th October, International Student Support will be holding a wash- up meeting for all staff members that assisted with these events. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email:

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