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Exciting new welcome activity!

We are very excited to announce that along with the Students’ Union and University of Surrey Lettings, the Student Services Centre are going to be running a new welcome event for those new, first year students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who will be living off campus for the 2017/18 academic year. This event will be for those students who are in […]

Student Money Awards 2017

Nigel Sigodo, winner of NASMA 2017 – Fund/Bursary Administrator of the Year!!   We are delighted to announce that Nigel Sigodo (Money and Housing Team Leader) has been awarded Fund/Bursary Administrator of the year from the National Association of Student Money Advisors (NASMA)*     Nigel has managed the administration of the University of Surrey’s […]

19 students stay at Surrey due to an interaction with their Student Life Mentor

This month, the Student Life team conducted a satisfaction survey (via Survey Monkey) about Student Life Mentoring. 489 students completed this information gathering exercise and included numerous free text comments such as: “My student mentor was an amazing mentor, I can speak for my flatmates in saying we thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to her visits. […]

Mentor Recruitment

The Student Life Mentoring team are currently recruiting for our new cohort of student mentors – around 200 applications have been received from students, often telling us that they had such a fantastic experience with their own mentor they were allocated to when they started at Surrey, that they really want to give something back […]

Meningitis – important information

There have now been three confirmed cases of meningitis associated with undergraduate students at the University since the end of March. One of these was the tragic death of John Igboanugo, who died while returning from a sports trip to Italy. The other two cases have both been treated in hospital and are recovering well. […]

Surrey Ranked 1st for Welcome (out of 45 institutions Globally) in Shape Your Surrey

We’re pleased to report that in 2016 Surrey was ranked number 1 for overall welcome experience in the i-graduate student barometer, achieving 1st out of 45 institutions globally. (Results released Feb 17) Surrey achieved 92.1% student satisfaction. Support services, especially wardens and mentors in residences, work hard to ensure students receive a warm welcome and […]

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