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Mentor Training, Moving in Weekend, Welcome Week…

It’s been a very busy but brilliant couple of weeks with training our 2017/18 cohort of 58 Student Life Mentors who started proactively visiting their student mentees to assist them as necessary over Moving in Weekend, alongside running tours, assisting with welcome talks and generally being happy, smiley and helpful. For the first time, this year we […]

Welcome International Students!

  This year we welcomed 150 students to our International Welcome Dinner in Hillside. Our students participated in games and quizzes with two students winning Surrey Hoodies!   We would like to thank all the students for their participation and to Hillside Restaurant for their delicious fish and chips and vegetable curry! Yum! Our students […]

We’re ready for Welcome

A huge amount of work and effort has gone in from all Student Support teams and services to ensure all our new students from the UK and overseas get the best possible preparation, welcome and transition into their student life/experience at Surrey University. Last year we were ranked 1st out of 45 internationally ranked institutions […]

Surrey Student Induction

The Student Life team is very excited to announce that the Surrey Student Induction e-module is live! Students can now access this via SurreyLearn – we hope that our new students engage with, and benefit from this module as they start at Surrey. Our Pre-Entry survey is also now live – asking students if they […]

Surrey Student Induction

Over the past few months the Student Life team have been working very hard on an exciting new e-module to welcome new students to the University. The module covers a general welcome to the University, followed by some important information about life as a student. There’s a handbook to go alongside it, and within the next […]

Exciting new welcome activity!

We are very excited to announce that along with the Students’ Union and University of Surrey Lettings, the Student Services Centre are going to be running a new welcome event for those new, first year students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who will be living off campus for the 2017/18 academic year. This event will be for those students who are in […]

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