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    Tonmeister graduate and Emmy award winning screen composer Michael Price is bringing his experience to the University of Surrey’s Music and Sound Recording degree as a Visiting Professor.

    Michael’s Emmy triumph came in the category of Outstanding Music Composition for an Original Dramatic Score for a series three episode of the hit BBC television series Sherlock. He shared the award with David Arnold, with whom he has collaborated on all three seasons of Sherlock. The duo have also been nominated for and won numerous other awards for their work.

  • Pittelli, Torrielli & Wolf paper on superstring theory to appear in J Physics A: Math & Theor

    Yangian-symmetryThe paper “Secret symmetries of type IIB superstring theory on AdS3 x S3 x M4” by Antonio Pittelli, Alessandro Torrielli, & Martin Wolf has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. The paper establish features of so-called Yangian secret symmetries for AdS3 type IIB superstring backgrounds thus verifying the persistence of such symmetries to this new instance of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Specifically, they find two a priori different classes of secret symmetry generators. One class of generators, anticipated from the previous literature, is more naturally embedded in the algebra governing the integrable scattering problem. The other class of generators is more elusive, and somewhat closer in its form to its higher-dimensional AdS5 counterpart. All of these symmetries respect left-right crossing. In addition, by considering the interplay between left and right representations, they gain a new perspective on the AdS5 case. They also study the RTT-realisation of the Yangian in AdS3 backgrounds thus establishing a new incarnation of the Beisert-de Leeuw construction. The final-form preprint can be found on ArXiv here.

  • Customer Service Excellence Award for Student Support Services / Student Centre

    We’re pleased to announce the award  of the quality standard below in July 2014, following work over the last six months towards the accreditation.


    CSE            SSC

    All Student Support Services / Student Centre teams have been awarded the CSE quality mark for the standard of services to students, they include:

    -Directors Office (Strategy and operational delivery across team below)
    -Student Services Centre - Student Information Desk (SID provide a one stop shop on support and administration related to University life)
    -Student Life (Student satisfaction, success and retention)
    -Student Money (Money information, advice and guidance pre and post entry in support of recruitment and retention)

  • The Contingency of Political Life

    Today feels like a day for taking a long view. As Scotland votes, so we sit about, waiting to see what happens. For me, the experience is a salutary one, since it makes me think about how contingent political life can be.


    Not panicking

    Of course, I should be used to thinking about contingency and conditionality: what is euroscepticism if not a challenge to a perceived status quo? Indeed, in one way or another, almost all my academic work has been concerned with those on the margins, trying to find a way to continue.

  • Hate Crime Victimisation Study Uncovers the True Harms of Hate

     By Jon Garland

    Jon Garland, Reader in Criminology, reports on the findings from the Leicester Hate Crime Project, the largest ever study of hate crime victimisation

    Recently I was co-organiser of a highly-successful conference, held on 5 September, that launched the findings from the Leicester Hate Crime Project, a two-year study of hate crime victimisation funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Broadly speaking, the aims of the project were to examine people’s experiences of hate, prejudice and targeted hostility; to understand the physical and emotional harms suffered by individuals and their families; and to identify ways of improving the quality of support available to victims. The study, undertaken jointly with academics based at the University of Leicester, was conducted in Leicester due to its extraordinarily diverse population. The city is home to substantial minority ethnic populations that are both newly arrived and well-established, as well as a wide range of faith, sexual and other minority communities, and it is this rich diversity which made Leicester a highly appropriate site in which to explore experiences of hate, prejudice and targeted hostility.

  • SITS eVision – Module Selection – VIDEO

    This video explains the Module selection functionality in eVision for STUDENTS.

    Click on the ‘video’ link above and open the video using the Windows Media Player when prompted to do so.

    Please email me on if you have any problems or queries.


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