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  • Building the base: UKIP’s push to the General Election

    As I’ve discussed before on this blog (here and here), the real focus of UKIP’s work of late has not been last May’s European elections, but next year’s general election: without a breakthrough in the latter, the prospects for moving into a new phase of power/influence looks very limited.


    Rocky, or rocky?

    And so it that the party has been focusing on its work to give itself the best opportunity next May.

    There are several parts to this.

    Firstly, the money side of things is improving. Rising membership rolls obviously help, but so too does access to generous individuals: the growth in income in 2013 has allowed them to do much more in the way of campaigning and advertising.

  • Yuri Latushkin visits from the University of Missouri

    book-yl Yuri Latushkin, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Missouri, will be visiting the department next week 4-8 August, funded by a London Mathematical Society research in pairs grant.  His host is Gianne Derks.  During his visit, he will give a talk on Monday 4 August on “The Morse and Maslov indices for multidimensional Schrodinger operators with matrix valued potentials“. Yuri’s homepage is here.

  • Energy consumption and everyday life

    By Thomas Roberts

    A couple of months ago the fridge in the sociology department kitchen was replaced. Whilst the new fridge looks nearly identical to the old one, there is a fundamental difference – the hinges are on the opposite side.   I have lost count of the number of times I have walked into the kitchen and attempted to open the fridge but failed to do so.  Furthermore, it appears that I’m not the only one struggling, I have noticed many colleagues having the same problem, and consequently the fridge has become the subject of significant debate.

  • Meaning in Occupation: A Westerner’s View of the West Bank

    I saw a meteorite streak across the sky above the old city of Jerusalem one night. I was making my way across town into the Western (Israeli) part of the city when I was stopped in my tracks by the scene. It felt very meaningful. I told my colleagues about it the next day, mumbling something about it feeling ‘significant, surely?’. They asked if I made I wish on it. I laughed it off and said at the time I couldn’t really think about it, I was too dumbstruck by the vista and all the religious connotations that went along with it. 

  • IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)


    By Shirin Enshaeifar


    The IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) is the world’s largest technical conference on signal processing which is sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society and has been held annually since 1976.

    On 4-9th May 2014, Florence was hosting the 39th ICASSP with above 2500 attendees, where four of those were from Department of Computing from the University of Surrey.  The conference included world-class speakers, tutorials, exhibits, a Show and Tell event, and over 120 lecture and poster sessions to cover about 2000 submissions. I presented my work in a poster session and I felt it was a fulfilling experience, especially when experts in my field provided me insightful feedbacks about my research.

  • Head of PTU wins National Award for Outstanding Contribution to Stage Management

    Caroline Heale, Head of PTU, won the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Stage Management’ category at the 2014 National Stage Management Awards (sponsored by The Stage and held for the first time as a joint ceremony with ABTT Theatre Awards), for her work in GSA stage management and technical theatre education over 24 years.

    Head of School Andy Lavender comments “This is a fitting tribute to Caroline’s hard work, problem-solving and consistent support for students and colleagues, as she steps back from theatre-related activities to develop her own business interests. Many congratulations to Caroline for this public recognition.”

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