SurreyLearn Refresh

Updates on the SurreyLearn Refresh project happening in Summer 2018

SurreyLearn’s evolution: what staff need to know

SurreyLearn will be evolving in July. The updated SurreyLearn will have a fresh look and navigation, but how you use it will remain the same. Do I need to do anything? SurreyLearn will be unavailable between Monday 16 and Wednesday 18th July, so here’s how to prepare for this period: If you need to access module materials […]

SurreyLearn will evolve in July!

What is happening? In July, the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team will be introducing a new look and feel to SurreyLearn, along with some extra functionality. When is it happening? In order for us to deliver the updates, we envisage SurreyLearn being unavailable between Monday 16th – Wednesday 18th July. What does this mean for […]