Surrey meets Taiwan

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Taiwanese students

Christmas Special: Winter Wonderland ❄

新年快樂!大家假期都過得還好嗎?這是我第一次留在英國過聖誕節,而且我也留下了很好的回憶:) 依照慣例我又上來跟大家分享了,那麼廢話不多說直接進入主題吧!Gogo~ Happy New Year! How has everyone been during the holiday?  This is the first time that I have stayed in the UK for Christmas and I had an amazing time 🙂 As usual, I am gonna share my holiday with you and I hope you will like it. Let’s get started~ 這次聖誕特輯第一波就是和我的flat mate一起去的倫敦行,真不敢相信從開學到現在我都還沒去倫敦玩,畢竟車程也才一個小時。雖然坐火車只需要花40分鐘就可以到達Waterloo […]

First Live Stream!

各位!我又帶著有趣的故事上來跟你們分享了~社團活動太多了導致我沒辦法在一篇文章裡講完:o 總而言之,這禮拜我要分享的就是另一個我參加的社團主要活動-Stag TV的LUMI的現場直播! I am back again with some interesting stories! Society events are too many, I couldn’t even finish them in one post 😮 Anyways, the other main event that I have participated was LUMI live streaming with Stag TV society, and I will be telling you the details of the event this week! […]

Work hard, play harder

在經過兩個禮拜學業方面的介紹,這個禮拜我們就來看看學校有趣的社團吧!在之前的新生週的介紹我也有提到超級熱鬧的社團博覽會,雖然我花了一段時間才完全走完每個攤位,我還是有找到我喜歡的社團,那就是類似大眾傳播的Stag TV還有我從小到大都沒缺席過的熱舞社Surrey Dance Squad:) After the two weeks introductions about academy and study life, this week we are moving on to the exciting societies! As mentioned before, there was a busy fresher’s fair during the fresher’s week. Although it took me a while to walk around every stand and take a look of each of […]

The Adventure: Prelude

“大學不是只有研究和學習,而是一個進入真正產業之前的重要跳板“在第一天和系主任見面之後,他留下了這句令我印象非常深刻的話;也讓我開始思考進入大學教育這個體系的最終目標和未來展望。 “University is not just about researches and studies, it is the time for you to get into the industry.” said by the department manager at the first day we met. His word gave me a really strong impact, and made me to start thinking about the final goal and future expectation of coming into […]

The Adventure: Beginning

終於星期五了!也到了上傳新文章的時間了:) 經過兩篇好玩有趣的新生週介紹之後,今天我要和大家分享的就是最重要的學習部分啦~ It’s Friday again! Which means it’s time for another blog;) So after the excitement of the fresher’s week, today I’m going to talk about the most important part of the uni life in Surrey, which is the studying for sure! Surrey有三大主要的學院,分別是藝術與人文(FASS)、理工科學(FEPS)還有醫學院(FEPS),而我目前則是就讀隸屬於藝術與人文學院的電影影像科技學系。 Check out the links below to find out your interested course! Faculty […]

Hello Surrey, hello uni! : Freshers’ Week

Hello! 過了一個禮拜我又上來繼續跟大家分享我在Surrey的生活啦~好難相信這週已經是第8週了!時間過得真快,而這個禮拜我要向大家介紹的是Fresher’s Week – 迎新週 😉 Hey it’s me again! How was everyone doing? It’s already week 8 and almost to the end of the semester which is so unbelievable. And in my second introduction of Surrey, I’m gonna talk about the excited fresher’s week 😉 在新生週的一開始,學校在校內安排了各種不同的演講,內容包含了學院、圖書館、學生宿舍等等。大學的基本運作方式、教室和校園還有各種軟硬體設備的資訊都會在迎新週的演講裡面介紹,可以說是了解學校的第一步。當然,系上的同學或是住在同一個宿舍區的人們也可以透過新生週認識,所以新生週不是只有聽制式的演講而已,還可以趁機擴展你的社交圈喔!ˊ Welcome talks @ Austin Pearce lecture room At the […]

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