I Played Tour Guide


I just had the most amazing weekend! My best friend from home just spent four days in England with me. She had just finished a month in Rome on a study abroad and she decided that she would come see me! It was great. We spent three in London and one in Brighton. She had never been to England before, so it was super exciting to show her new cities in a new country.



For our days in London, we broke up how we were going to explore the city. The first day was the west side of central London, the second was the east side, and the third day we went north and to a good friend of mines birthday in central London.

On the west side of London, we saw Westminster and Buckingham palace, took a walk through Green Park and St. James Park (my favorite), and around Oxford Circus for some shopping where my work is also based.


On the east side of London, we took the clipper boat from embankment to St Pauls Cathedral. The clipper is a part of Transport For London (the company that runs the transport in London like the tube), so you can use your oyster card on it. We walked along-side the Thames, saw the Globe Theatre, and into St Pauls Cathedral. I surprised my friend with a dinner in the Sky Garden. We were walking through the city and when we arrived at the building she said “Wow this is cool” and I got to say that she was in luck because that is where lunch is! It was amazing. We had a window seat and had amazing risotto. It was only £14! Such a good deal for a place with a 360degree view of the city. After we took the tube to Emirates Airline gondola ride over the Thames and were dropped off at the O2 Arena. You can also use an oyster card on the gondola.


The third day we went up to Camden. It is a super funky part of London that has some very alternative people. It is definitely worth a visit. There is a market on always that has lots of handmade jewellery, art, clothes, etc. and an amazing food market. We got AMAZING Mexican food. It was one of the most massive burritos I’ve ever had. After we went to Kings Cross Train Station for some proper tourism. We went to the Platform 9 ¾ sign and took a photo with our scarf waving and wand in hand. It was pretty funny. The people working there are very outgoing and were total goofballs. The rest of the day we met up with my English friends at a flat right outside the British Museum for some pre-drinks and to introduce my friend from home to everyone. It was so funny seeing worlds collide. They all got along really well! After a couple glasses of birthday wine, we headed off to the club. It was my first London club! It was called fifty9. We had a table and got some free drinks for the table. However, once those ran out we had to buy our own. I didn’t realize how expensive London drinks were. It was £11 for a single cranberry vodka! I got two cocktails for £6 in Guildford. It was an amazing night though. I loved spending the night with everyone all in one place.


The final day we went to Brighton. As we all know, it is my favorite place. We walked through the cobbled streets, had lunch on the lawns in front of the Royal Pavilion, and spent the rest of her coins at the arcade on the pier! I asked my friend if she thought England was what she expected. I first asked her after the first two days and she said it was because the buildings and people were typical. After the last two days, I asked her again and she said that it was not what she thought at all haha. Camden and Brighton break from typical England. After just the first few hours in London, she said that she wanted to live in England! She said that she would like to do a study abroad or her masters in England. She was totally convinced 😉


The whole time she was here was amazing. I miss her! It was so nice to mix my worlds and show someone where I have lived these past two years. I am already planning my next visit with another friend!

Back to work now!