Harmonic Literacy for the Guitar II – Cell Division:Populating the Fretboard.

Rather than using the typical approach of starting with scales for soloing, it can be far more beneficial to understand the chord-tones of the harmonic progression upon which you are playing. The implications of scales is that there is an ascending (or descending) hierarchy of importance, when in reality the pattern of consonance and dissonance does not follow a linear fashion. By understanding chord tones a more lyrical and harmonically sensitive approach to soloing may be made. Furthermore, with the use of cells – small and manageable note sets – the entire fretboard can be mastered, and a fluent and genuinely spontaneous solo can be made. The following document introduces the concept of cells, using 7th chord arpeggios as a starting point.

Enjoy, practice, weep, practice, enjoy more.

Cells and 7th Arpeggios for Guitar