Harmonic Literacy for Guitar VII – Endless Lines on Static Dominant Chords.

A real challenge in playing jazz guitar lies in the performance of long seamless lines. This of course is only
a small component of improvisation, but it’s worth working on, as the sort of motor control and brain-finger
connection has to be really developed. Using the CAGED system established previously, we’ll look at playing
over static dominant chord. This will largely use dominant, bebop dominant, lydian dominant with typical
bebop devices. Rather than runing scales, these (somewhat abritrary but effective) 4-bar phrases cover much
of each position and require a comprehensive understanding of fretboard harmony. Of course these can be
edited, recomposed, transposed, and lego-ed endlessly. These are very useful and can be applied immediately to the bridge of a Rhythm Changes, a Blues progression, and any instances of dominant chord ‘islands’ in other repertoire. Remember that it is the concept as much as the particular vocabulary here. Compose your own material remembering that If you have lots of musical things to say over any harmonic context in any position on the fretboard, then creative spontaneity during performance becomes a possible, or even unwavering.
Endless Lines I – Static Dominant Chord