Composers and Choreographers Weekend 2014

Dance studentsThis year’s Composers and Choreographers Weekend took place on 22-23 February. Composers, musicians, dancers, and choreographers from across the School of Arts worked together throughout the weekend to create multimedia performances as part of an event that has taken place annually for over 25 years.

The weekend culminated in an evening performance in the Dance Studio in PATS building. For each piece, an initial performance was followed by an informal talk by the composers and choreographers about their work, with questions from the audience, before the performance was repeated.

The works developed as part of the weekend were as follows:

Leila Zerai

  • Celestial Bodies by Tim Abbey (composer) and Rosa Manzi-Reid (choreographer), performed by Dani Docherty (flute), Tim Abbey, Finlay Shakespeare, Jonjo Keefe, and Mark Ransley (electronics), and Ada Michalska, Josie Phelps, and Fiona Ritchie (dancers)
  • Stave by Leila Zerai (composer) and Alana Jones and Alice Jackson (choreographers); performed by Leila Zerai (trombone, electronics) and Daniela Cassiano, Danae Tsirigoti, and Holly May-Garnett (dancers)
  • Hybrid by Dan Tarbuck (composer) and Nikki Powis and Lauren Parker (choreographers), performed by Nikki Powis and Lauren Parker (dancers)

Pictured: (top) Dance students rehearsing during the choreographers and composers collaboration process; (middle) MMus Music student Leila Zerai collaborates with final-year dance students Alana Jones and Alice Jackson