Learning a foreign language at Surrey

Hi everyone!

Today I`ll be blogging about a wonderful opportunity at Surrey – Global Graduate Award and the details regarding this program.

When I came to Surrey, I wasn`t really aware of ALL the things you can do in here. That was one of the reasons why I wasn`t able to enrol for the Global Graduate Award. But let me tell you what it is first. GGA or Global Graduate Award is a program in which you study one foreign language along with your degree, for no cost at all, but which appears on your transcript as an extra module, meaning it counts towards your degree. This, of course, is a benefit for you, since you will be able to enhance your employability by studying one more language as well as show the proof for it!

Usually, as I mentioned earlier, Surrey takes care of notifying you about all the opportunities you need to check deadlines for and sends you emails before you start the academic year. Unfortunately, I did not see my email on time, so I missed the deadline. So, here is advice 1 – start checking your emails regularly 1-2 months before the start of the university year, you`ll be surprised how much information you can find!

Anyway, in this email there were details about GGA and the application procedure. The deadline this academic year was in September and classes started in October when the other modules also begin. You have the option to choose from 11 very well-known languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian and so on) and 6 different levels of difficulty, depending on the language chosen. This program is completely free for you, but it can be also pretty demanding! Even so, you don`t need to worry if you happen to regret your choice later, because Surrey gives you the option of dropping this course after being assigned to a group until the second class of teaching.

In terms of application, all you need to do is click on the link given in your email (or find the page yourself on Surrey website) in order to make your choices online and fill in a form. After that you will be contacted by email whether you were selected or not (there are a lot of candidates, but you have a very high chance of getting in) and the details of the course. In case, you choose higher than first level of difficulty, you will be required to either present a proof or take a test in order to assess your suitability for the appropriate stage. The classes will be once a week on a day which won`t conflict with your studies and the grade for this course will be formed by the coursework you need to prepare throughout the year and the final exam, which is similar to the English exam you have taken prior to coming to Surrey.

It may seem as a too overwhelming opportunity to take, but the course is pretty flexible, as well! Courseworks for each semester are done before each exam period and in January and June when exams happen you have no classes for GGA which calms you down a lot, since you can just focus entirely on your exams! Moreover, during holidays you also have no classes, therefore, you can fully enjoy your free time wherever you are.

So, this is all you might need to know about GGA, as a start but you can always ask the GGA team via email about anything you would like to know – they are very responsive! But, anyway, do you remember when I said that I missed the deadline? So, after that I thought I wouldn`t be able to learn any language during my first year, which was a shame since first year at university is the easiest of them all. Luckily, I managed to sign up for Chinese Stage 1, as part of a program at Surrey called Evening Language classes, which is also for studying another language, but it is not so demanding and therefore, paid. The classes were in the evening, once a week, and they were with the same teacher who teaches GGA. I found a wonderful group of people there and we organized a dinner at a Chinese restaurant, which was one of the best things about these classes. So, don`t worry if you miss the deadline, Surrey knows you really want to study a foreign language and will provide you with this opportunity!

That`s all from me today! Hope you felt inspired by me to learn new languages and develop yourself during your time in Surrey!

Have a successful and productive week and be ready for my next blog soon!