Exploring England – York edition

Hello everyone!

It`s been awhile, but I have a good reason – I made a short trip to one of the most beautiful cities in England – York. So, I`m going to tell you about this wonderful trip and how I organized it. I also added few pictures in the end from different places in York.

One of the cool things about being in England is that you can always find deals for train tickets, flights, clothing shops and many more. This one specifically was for Virgin Trains and I bought a return ticket for 10 pounds for a 2 hour journey from London to York, instead of long hours on the bus or very expensive train tickets.

My journey started at London King`s Cross Station where a lot of trains depart to different cities in England and abroad. You can get there easily by underground after you arrive at Waterloo station with the train from Guildford. For all the Harry Potter fans – at King`s Cross you can take a picture with the trolley from the movie which goes right through the wall, it`s one of the sights in London.

Anyways, I collected my tickets, booked beforehand, at one of the machines at the station and left with the train right on time from platform 8. When I arrived in York, it was barely snowing but it reminded me very much of home. In York I was staying at one of my Bulgarian friend`s place and I had to take the bus to her house. Right from the start, York left me with the impression of being extremely beautiful with all its cosy and artsy streets. It is quite old which gives this nostalgic vibe, especially, when you stroll around the pavement alleys.

The first night I got the chance to meet other students from the university there and to go out with them to their popular bars and clubs. The atmosphere was the same as in the clubs I know in Guildford but with new people, faces I hadn`t seen before. The night finished with tasty cheesy chips with gravy and comfy bed.

The next day, the streets of York were empty because it was actually snowing. I was so happy to feel the snowflakes melting on my skin, because that`s a feeling I only get back home. The city centre had to offer many little boutique shops, hidden alleys and cosy cafes. Regular picture time also wasn`t missed as there were so many places to capture in a photo. The day ended with a wonderful Yorkshire pudding and the best cocktails in England, as people say.

After seeing the city centre, the next stop was the University of York. The campus was extremely beautiful but SO HUGE! It was very hard to find my way out from each of the faculties. It reminded me so much of my lovely campus back in Surrey with the lake, the benches and the trees, as if you are in a park. That`s one of the best things about English campuses – they always have the nature aspect added to make the grey buildings look more welcoming.

So, after visiting the university I was ready to leave York fulfilled with all the memories I created and the new friendships I made just for the period of three days. I know this story might seem a bit boring with no use for you at all, but the lesson from it is that the moment you leave Bulgaria and take on this adventure, you suddenly realize how open minded you become as a person. You are ready to just hop on the train or plane and go anywhere to find new people and experience new adventures. Trust me, that`s the best way of gaining more knowledge and improving yourself – by traveling. I read once a quote saying that your life begins where you comfort zone ends. I found much truth in this the moment I moved to Surrey.

Hope you find this place as inspiring as I did!


University of York Campus


The lake on university campus


Tiny alley in the city centre


York Minster